cherry basil infused water

by Kristina Sloggett

in cherry season,summertime

I try to drink a good amount of water each day, some days are better than others. Infusing water with natural flavors elevates it to a refreshing and pretty beverage.

On days I am home, I make a large pitcher and drink it all day. On days I am out of the house, I bring a large jar or bottle with me. My standard add ins are lemon or whatever citrus I have on hand, or mint. In the summertime especially, mint is cooling.

In class last month, one thing all us students looked forward to was the water of the day. Each day a new flavor was infused into our water pitchers, usually from fresh herbs.

One of my favorites from class was fresh basil – it brings great flavor to a glass of water!

Today I discovered that basil and cherries pair well together – the pitcher of water we are enjoying today includes chiffonaded basil and frozen cherries. Being frozen, the cherries cool the water while the basil flavors it.

Today’s motivation to drink water? A cherry snack at the end!



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