Cookies for Cody bake sale

Remember my samoa cookies?

Want some?

Now is your chance.

My friend Stephanie has a four year old nephew battling neuroblastoma.
A large group of bloggers, cookbook authors and companies have come together to help the family, and the bake sale / cookbook auction begins today. All for Cody.

The bake sale has two sections – traditional goodies and vegan/gluten free. The list of cookbooks and company donated items is in a third section, and there are many great titles (over fifty!). The auctions run through August 5th.

You bid by leaving comments on the photos using a Facebook account. Winning bidders will be contacted through Facebook.

To see all of the items in categories, visit here (when you get to a page of photos, click on each photo to bid).

If you would like to bid on my samoas, visit here.

Thank you!



    • spabettie says

      anytime, my friend! I am happy to help, you have done such a great job organizing a large event. I am so sorry this had to happen, you are doing a wonderful thing. ((hugs))

    • spabettie says

      thanks for spreading the word, Sarena. I agree, whenever I participate in something like this, I am humbled by the extremely giving community we are in! :)

  1. Hollis says

    Looks really good! I was going to make a batch of cookies today so this gives me some ideas, especially since they are gluten free! Fantastic!

    • spabettie says

      hi Hollis, good to hear from you! :) what kind of cookies did you end up making? have a great week! Kristina

      • Hollis says

        I actually didn’t quite make it to cookie baking against my better intentions but I did have a wonderful walk at Jackson Bottoms Park in Hillsboro with my hubby which was just wonderful! The weather couldn’t be better! So I will try again this week to make my Orange Coconut Macaroons, only 5 ingredients and no grain flour! My kind of cookie!

        Take care and keep in touch!

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