rest in peace, sweet Missy cat

by Kristina Sloggett

in real life wisdom

my dad’s beloved cat Missy passed last night.

recently, she was just as much (if not more) my brother’s cat.

we have all loved Missy for many many years – she lived a long happy life, a well loved life.

my brother moved in with my dad several months ago (such a tremendous help and feeling of peace that has been!), and immediately bonded with Missy, one of three cats at my dad’s place. he took her to be groomed – a much needed and way overdue event – and since then Missy had been more lively and simply adored him. I was watching a different person when I would see him with her <3

sincerely heart-wrenching news, Missy had a very large cancerous abdominal tumor.

I could not make this decision alone, could barely formulate the text to dad (still has a trach, cannot talk).

via text, the three of us agreed on what was best for sweet Missy cat.

she was brought in to us – we held her, talked to her, said our goodbyes.

heart. wrenching.

and then we just held her…

sweet sweet Missy cat. you will be greatly missed. you are so so very loved.

rest in peace, beautiful kitty. sweet beautiful girl.


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