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We have been eating this for dinner a lot lately. Three times in two weeks? Easy to make large batches for us and for my dad and brother. Tastes so good, never gets old.

I love those baby corn thingies.

Sriracha lollipops. Yep, that’s right. and they are SO good.

This week’s pick from Way Too Much Portland is a good one. So Very Portland.

This ice cream cone:

Oh my. My favorite ice cream food cart Fifty Licks always has a couple vegan varieties. This week my flavor of choice was Passionfruit Szechuan Peppercorn. Hot dang.

These photos do restore faith in humanity. Rats, I have something in my eye

Some events just call for a patriotic beer. I swear The Champagne of Beers is also a headache cure.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night… ¬†recreated with dominoes!¬†Awesome. Then even more awesome when he knocks them down!

This photo looks like it is out of a 1950’s recipe book or magazine:

…but it was from class last month – one of my favorite desserts. The schedule was arranged by food type – one day was tofu, tempeh and seitan, another day was wraps and sandwiches (a favorite), and then there was dessert day. Yep, all day eating desserts. It was glorious. We made a pizza and salad so we weren’t actually just eating desserts all day. This (phone) photo was the chocolate pie from dessert day. I cannot wait to make this again.

It’s summertime. Which means it is time for s’mores. We had some at the wine country B&B. Then there is the s’mores shot in a chocolate glass. If you want to make these yourself, the shot glass moulds are on sale for less than $8 right now

Basil just wanted to say hello. and wag is tail for you. He is now waiting for his sister, since I told him as soon as class was over we could contact Oregon Dachshund Rescue…


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