tahini toasts

by Kristina Sloggett

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I have a new obsession snack that has been a daily thing this month.

While the base elements remain the same (tahini and toast), the toppings rotate, keeping tastes fresh.

One of my favorites – mashed avocado:

Jason likes this snack also, as long as his does not have tomato.

See the one in back? Jason’s.

This super easy non recipe is as follows:

tahini toasts

vegan, gluten free, delicious

gluten free bread (Food For Life, Rudi’s*)
tahini (2+ tablespoons for each toast)
veggies (tomato, kale, avocado, cucumber…)
sea saltĀ 

*Rudi’s gluten free bread is awesome, is not vegan

In oven/toaster oven/toaster, defrost bread (some gf bread is stored in freezer). Spread tahini and add toppings, return to toaster oven to warm through. Salt to taste.

Though I have been enjoying these nearly every day, the toppings depend on what is in the veggie crisper that day – satisfying variety every time! I love tahini flavor, and I cannot think of a fresh veggie that would not work with this.

These can also be dressed up (adding sesame seeds for a fancy nod to the tahini), cut toasts to serve as bite size appetizers. I use small rice cakes to make bite size snacks also – crunchy goodness!

Do you have a snack you like enough to eat every day?


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