tahini toasts

I have a new obsession snack that has been a daily thing this month.

While the base elements remain the same (tahini and toast), the toppings rotate, keeping tastes fresh.

One of my favorites – mashed avocado:

Jason likes this snack also, as long as his does not have tomato.

See the one in back? Jason’s.

This super easy non recipe is as follows:

tahini toasts

vegan, gluten free, delicious

gluten free bread (Food For Life, Rudi’s*)
tahini (2+ tablespoons for each toast)
veggies (tomato, kale, avocado, cucumber…)
sea salt 

*Rudi’s gluten free bread is awesome, is not vegan

In oven/toaster oven/toaster, defrost bread (some gf bread is stored in freezer). Spread tahini and add toppings, return to toaster oven to warm through. Salt to taste.

Though I have been enjoying these nearly every day, the toppings depend on what is in the veggie crisper that day – satisfying variety every time! I love tahini flavor, and I cannot think of a fresh veggie that would not work with this.

These can also be dressed up (adding sesame seeds for a fancy nod to the tahini), cut toasts to serve as bite size appetizers. I use small rice cakes to make bite size snacks also – crunchy goodness!

Do you have a snack you like enough to eat every day?



  1. says

    I loooove tahini on toast! Especially when the toast is warm and the tahini gets extra-melty and soaks into the bread a little. However, PB on toast will always be the snack that I can eat every day. And for every snack. And meal. But unfortunately that wouldn’t be a very balanced diet…

  2. says

    oh my that does sound delicious! i go through that same thing too — where I’ll eat the same snack or lunch for like, 2 weeks in a row — then i smack my head and say — time to branch out a little! I eat something different for a day, then back to my old favorite standby:) haha

  3. says

    I went through a phase with tahini a few months ago. It got to the point where I’d eat it with practically everything, sweet or savory (sidenote: tahini + bananas = delicious)
    My doctor did some blood work and told me that I had abnormally high levels of copper, which she couldn’t explain.
    I did some research and, it turns out, tahini/sesame seeds are the #3 edible source of copper. Oops.
    Now I have to ration it out :) But this looks like a delicious way to enjoy it on occasion!

    • spabettie says

      Gillian, that is good to know… I was wondering if too much tahini could be a bad thing. dang. guess I’ll have to scale back a bit. 😉

      but AFTER I try it with bananas!

  4. bitt says

    my husband eats the same thing on rice cakes all the time.

    did rudi’s start making a vegan and GF bread? i’ve been waiting! not sure the ingredients to the one you linked to. silly amazon doesn’t list them.

    • spabettie says

      DANG. Jason brought this one home, and I didn’t even look (I am used to my Food For Life which is vegan). I have eaten eggs in the recent past, so I suppose that’s why I was lax in looking at that, but thanks for catching it…

      I’ve been enjoying this on mini rice cakes also!

  5. says

    mmmm tahini, glorious tahini… I like tahini dolloped on top of vanilla soy yoghurt with walnuts, banana and dried figs – YUMMO. I too, am a big fan of the tahini/avo/tomato combo…. with a squeeze of lime :)

    • spabettie says

      tahini fig sounds great! I have combine tahini and date (in a dough ball) but now I must try fig! :)

  6. says

    Yum! I’m always looking for simple snacks to have after work and this one looks like a winner (mostly because I can just empty my fridge onto it :) ).

    • spabettie says

      empty your fridge onto it – that is exactly what I do! :) so easy, so satisfying.

      happy weekend, Ashley!

  7. says

    So…I want some of this right now.

    See, I am obsessed with the Whole Foods Zesty Tahini Dressing.

    So I made my own version…using avocado instead of tahini.

    But what I should have done was make my own version….with BOTH!!!

  8. Adriana says

    Hi! Your toasts with tahini are wonderfull, I´ve never tried something better :) I made them for my birthday, with avocado and tomatoes chery, very tasty. Thanks! Also I have tried your recipe of date and tahini bites, definitely delicious, especially accompanied with red wine. Good luck!

    • spabettie says

      hi Adriana – so happy you like the toasts – still one of my favorite snacks! happy belated birthday – I just celebrated mine yesterday! :)

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