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Will you look at those beautiful fluffy cakes? Can you believe they are vegan and gluten free? That soda trick is amazing, I tell ya. I did it again, and will share soon.

My favorite from Way Too Much Portland this week?Β a bike rack cozy. Awesome.

When Jason asks me to buy a hose for our front porch…

he has to know I’d come back with a cute one.

This is one of a few squirrels currently tormenting Basil. I really need to video his standard howling reaction, it is too cute.

…and with this amazing creation, my life is complete. I will look for them until I find them. Already scoured two stores.

This Monkey Orchid. I love monkeys.

My new necklace from BaubleBar:

They have some really fun pieces, and this photo doesn’t begin to capture the blinding neon. I love it when fun trends come back.

So this happened:

Given my ever growing heat and spice tolerance, it was really only a matter of time before I started adapting my hot sauce bottles.

The first winner of Lindsay’s Cookie Dough Cookbook did not reply (I know, what?), so the new winner of the Cookie Dough Cookbook has been announced here.

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. says

    Those little muffins sit there teasing me:~)

    I love your hose, who would have thought I’d ever find lawn equipment cute.

    My hus would def want a spray bottle – I don’t know how y’all stand it!

    And are you behind this bike rack cozy??

    • spabettie says

      I know, I had no idea hoses could be cute as well as functional. I love it.

      and no, sadly I cannot take credit for the bike cozy… but I bet I know the person who did it, with as many cyclist friends as I have here… πŸ˜‰

  2. says

    I’m a big outdoor gardening person, but I have never seen a hose like that. While the “kinky” nature of it might make my job a bit more difficult, it’s too cute to pass up!

    As for squirrels, I have a million and Monie has recently discovered them moonwalking across my deck to tease her. It’s quite entertaining…

  3. says

    OMG I LOVE THE HOSE!! AND that you put a nozzle on the sriacha! That is frigin hysterical πŸ˜‰ LOVE the pink necklace! I want one!

    • spabettie says

      these necklaces are now back in stock, just sayin’… it’s called the Fluoro πŸ˜€ the hose is SO fun! I don’t know if Jason will ever use it, but I like it! hope you are having a great weekend! XXO

  4. says

    Haha! Mike would never ask me to get a hose, he knows I would come back with a pink and glitter one!

    Happy weekend to you 3 over there! Dad too! <3

    • spabettie says

      hee, I don’t think Jason knew there were cute options for hoses. actually I didn’t either! πŸ˜‰

      Dad finished his first week of rad, with one day chemo too, and last night he said “I survived and still feel like dancing!” πŸ˜€ his doc says the first two weeks are okay, it ‘gets worse’ after that… so I am hoping he stays healthy, that this is easier than the aggressive chemo was.

      hope you are having fun this weekend! XO

  5. says

    Oh my gosh, I want that hose! I bought a cheap one (although cute and neon green!), but I’m paying for it, the thing kinks up like no one’s business. And cuuute necklace, I want one!

    • spabettie says

      that’s why I liked this one, I figured it couldn’t kink! well, that and it was cute. if you need to buy a second hose, this was from Target and it was not expensive…

      and this necklace just got back in stock – it’s called the Fluoro! πŸ˜€

    • spabettie says

      there are some fun necklaces there, Heather – and really good prices, I think. You earn points with each purchase, and those points turn into dollars off… πŸ˜‰ and the spray sauce, well that just had to happen. πŸ˜€

  6. says

    It feels like it’s been FOREVER since I have 1). been over here, and 2). talked to you. Boooooo. I cannot wait for next week to happen and I can finally get back into my normal routine! I MISS YOU! And I want that freaking hose, it looks like you purchased it at Anthro…
    How are you??? I heart you. I miss you. xoxo

    • spabettie says

      oh Cara! I miss you too! I hope you are having fun and doing awesome things, and yes I want your normal routine back too so we can catch up πŸ˜‰

      hee, it does look like an Anthro hose! if they had hoses at Anthro… πŸ˜‰ I am good! in two days I start my big class (yeeee!) and I REALLY wish you were coming up here for it! two weeks of awesome fun and food… I can’t wait. I’m nervous and giddy and ready for knowledge!

  7. says

    i love that hose! yeah i can imagine that squirrel being all smarty pants and tormenting basil:) my pom is all about sea gulls.
    that spray is a super cool idea. i mean we already have that kind of heat tolerance, though my mom will still add double the spice on her meal when she visits. she calls my spice level american-ized πŸ˜‰

    • spabettie says

      the squirrels at our old place definitely tormented little Basil… these don’t know him well yet, they run when he barks. I think they are starting to realize he can’t get up there on the fence, though… so they linger sometimes.

      sounds like your mom would love the spray bottle then? πŸ˜€

  8. says

    I found those BLT chips at Target and Stop & Shop. They are yum! You’ve just given me a fabulous idea regarding that sriracha – protecting plants! They always say to sprinkle cayenne on them to protect flowers and such from deer, but I think it makes way more sense to use a spray bottle of watered down sriracha!

    • spabettie says

      I finally found the chips yesterday, ha! they ARE good.

      and what a great idea about the deer… I have always used chicken wire! πŸ˜‰

  9. Loanna Overcash says

    I am loving the spray bottle for hot sauce – such an awesome idea! Can’t wait to try it.

  10. says

    I wish I had a yard so I would have an excuse to water things with that really cute hose! I wonder if my neighbors would mind if I just carried around a hose and started watering their plants… (Note to self: Go buy a cute hose).

    There is a squirrel that sits in the tree outside of our dining room window and eats very loudly, taunting our pup. Poor Samantha cannot handle it.

    Thanks for sharing- Have an awesome weekend! :-)

  11. says

    You are genius with the spray bottle! That is awesome!!! I use sparkling water in my gluten free baking it is like magic! I love how fluffy it makes everything! Those cupcakes look amazing! I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  12. says

    haha – yes! there’s a shopping cart that I run past on my way to the running trail, and it has a fitted knit sweater. I need to take a photo! and I love that hose. it is pretty and reminds me of a slinky. the sriracha sprayer is genius. I’ll have to show Billy that one. xo

  13. says

    Oh my heck. Totally LOVE the spray bottle sriracha!!! I need the necklace and while you’re at the hose too. What great taste you have! πŸ˜‰

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