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Will you look at those beautiful fluffy cakes? Can you believe they are vegan and gluten free? That soda trick is amazing, I tell ya. I did it again, and will share soon.

My favorite from Way Too Much Portland this week? a bike rack cozy. Awesome.

When Jason asks me to buy a hose for our front porch…

he has to know I’d come back with a cute one.

This is one of a few squirrels currently tormenting Basil. I really need to video his standard howling reaction, it is too cute.

…and with this amazing creation, my life is complete. I will look for them until I find them. Already scoured two stores.

This Monkey Orchid. I love monkeys.

My new necklace from BaubleBar:

They have some really fun pieces, and this photo doesn’t begin to capture the blinding neon. I love it when fun trends come back.

So this happened:

Given my ever growing heat and spice tolerance, it was really only a matter of time before I started adapting my hot sauce bottles.

The first winner of Lindsay’s Cookie Dough Cookbook did not reply (I know, what?), so the new winner of the Cookie Dough Cookbook has been announced here.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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