veggie power stack

by Kristina Sloggett

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My new favorite lunch is a fusion of many favorites – fresh vegetables, grilling, and tasty food that is also vibrant and energizing. I call it my lunchtime power stack, or veggie stack.

This stack started with a base of steamed* cauliflower. Next up, a mashed sweet potato. Top that with a slice of grilled pineapple, a few grilled onion rings, and lightly steamed* asparagus. A generous sprinkling of sesame adds more great flavor.

*I have also grilled all ingredients using a grill basket.

This works warm with freshly steamed and grilled components. Cold or room temperature is also good, especially on a warm Saturday while sitting in the sun with a dachshund.

Basil would like to make it known he is not picky – warm or cool, he will take his power stack either way.

Sweet and savory, fun and filling, I have been stacking my lunches all week. I am excited to share other versions of the stack – even more colorful!

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