grilled pineapple bacon sandwich

by Kristina Sloggett

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Tempeh bacon, that is.

Today marked the first day of radiation for Dad. It took longer to drive to the appointment than to administer the treatment, and so far, Dad is feeling fine. Appointment was early this morning, and as I write this I just returned home from making him dinner.

I have researched this treatment, and talked to many people who have gone through it. I am here for my dad, as always, ready to take care of him again, and once again I am hopeful because of his big smile and his positive attitude. Just tonight he said in his strained trach-voice, “Hopefully I will continue to feel this good.”

I hope so too, Dad.

We grilled all weekend, and it was awesome. We have been grilling so much, we had to replace the propane!

By now I know we have grilled more than we did all year last year. If or when we build a covered area on our deck, we will grill year round. Jason is the lone meat eater in this house, but he surprised me this weekend, wanting to grill tempeh. He chose the bacon flavored and a lemon pepper. I generally buy the ‘regular’ flavor, so I have never cooked with these – both taste great. The bacon is really good…

This time of year I seem to always have a fresh pineapple in the house. At the last minute I cut some rounds and added them to the grill…

While grilling out in the sun, we enjoyed our beer in glasses made from Goose bottles.

We used these gluten free hamburger buns, and we love them! This was our first time trying this kind, and I will absolutely buy them again. Stacked with grilled pineapple, onion, tempeh and my favorite crunchy lettuce, these sandwiches were light, fresh and sweet, smoky.

…and now, because it is the beginning of June and Rose Festival season here, it is tradition that it will rain. The rain stops the day after the Grand Floral parade, the final event of the Festival. We will see if we get to grill this weekend…


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