grilled pineapple bacon sandwich

Tempeh bacon, that is.

Today marked the first day of radiation for Dad. It took longer to drive to the appointment than to administer the treatment, and so far, Dad is feeling fine. Appointment was early this morning, and as I write this I just returned home from making him dinner.

I have researched this treatment, and talked to many people who have gone through it. I am here for my dad, as always, ready to take care of him again, and once again I am hopeful because of his big smile and his positive attitude. Just tonight he said in his strained trach-voice, “Hopefully I will continue to feel this good.”

I hope so too, Dad.

We grilled all weekend, and it was awesome. We have been grilling so much, we had to replace the propane!

By now I know we have grilled more than we did all year last year. If or when we build a covered area on our deck, we will grill year round. Jason is the lone meat eater in this house, but he surprised me this weekend, wanting to grill tempeh. He chose the bacon flavored and a lemon pepper. I generally buy the ‘regular’ flavor, so I have never cooked with these – both taste great. The bacon is really good…

This time of year I seem to always have a fresh pineapple in the house. At the last minute I cut some rounds and added them to the grill…

While grilling out in the sun, we enjoyed our beer in glasses made from Goose bottles.

We used these gluten free hamburger buns, and we love them! This was our first time trying this kind, and I will absolutely buy them again. Stacked with grilled pineapple, onion, tempeh and my favorite crunchy lettuce, these sandwiches were light, fresh and sweet, smoky.

…and now, because it is the beginning of June and Rose Festival season here, it is tradition that it will rain. The rain stops the day after the Grand Floral parade, the final event of the Festival. We will see if we get to grill this weekend…



    • spabettie says

      I always forget about cayenne! when we were in Mexico last December, we bought a papaya – sliced it up and added salt and cayenne – so good!

      and thank you Laura – I appreciate the good thoughts! XO

  1. Eleah says

    Tempeh bacon is good… I bought it once but can’t justify the extra money when I love, “normal” tempeh just as much!

    I also meant to comment on your post the other day about the cafe. If it’s the one I’m thinking of (and I won’t say the name because I assume you have a reason for not saying it yourself!) I used to work next door to it downtown in a movie theater. They would always bring us leftover salads, sandwiches, baked goods, and soups at the end of the day. Soooo good for a bunch of people working off of minimum wage! Eventually there was a new company policy where they’re weren’t allowed to give away food, so they would place it on the ground in bags next to the trash compactor and whisper it to us as they walked by the ticket window. Or they would leave it in bags next to trashcans on the sidewalk for the homeless. It was always so nice! Miss that.

    • spabettie says

      aw, I LOVE this story!! when I was managing that store, we had a charity that would come pick up extra food each night, after employees took what they wanted. I love that this was happening for you guys, even on the sly. I don’t know if this was before or after I was there, but I had such an awesome group of employees, I am thinking of a few who would do something that awesome. :)

  2. Eleah says

    Oh, and I just got so distracted by the sandwich story I forget to tell you I’m pulling for you dad! I am so glad he has a good sense of humor and is staying as strong as he can through it all. My dad was the same way and I never saw him cry or get upset about what was happening to him. It makes it a little easier for everyone. Just give him as much love and support as you can and remember, the little things count!

    • spabettie says

      thank you Eleah! :) and you are so right – the little things definitely do count. that is sometimes the first thing to forget when you are in the middle of it all. I strongly believe that your outlook has a huge impact on your health, and I am grateful he is positive and easy going through all of this.

    • spabettie says

      I appreciate it more than you know, Abby. <3 (and geez, one of these days I'll make something again without soy! ;)

  3. says

    I love grilled pineapple! I tried that brand of GF buns and had to throw the entire package away. And I never throw away food. I must be too used to really gluten-y bread. 😉

    I wish your dad the best. I’ve been where you are and know how hard it can be to see a loved one go through painful treatments. You will be a stronger woman in the end, that’s for sure. My prayers are with you.

    • spabettie says

      oh no! it’s funny, I thought that I had tried these a long time ago, with the same reaction as you… maybe we got a really fresh batch? I was surprised how good they were. I did butter them (Earth Balance) and grill them, though… perhaps THAT is the treatment they need 😉

      and thank you SO much, Maryea. this experience has absolutely shown me what I can do, how much I can do. same with Dad – I have a whole new appreciation for how positive and easy going happy he always is. I’m lucky to have him.

  4. says

    First — I’m hoping your dad fares well through radiation. I will be thinking of him (and you) during this time.

    Second — I’m drooling. I have been dying to try grilled pineapple on top of a burger or a sandwhich or something and you are spurring me to get off my butt and just do it! This looks amazing!

    • spabettie says

      thank you, Jess – I appreciate all the positive vibes I can get right now…

      you must try this, the flavor is oooh sooo good!

  5. says

    It has rained here almost nonstop the past few weeks. I want to be on the lake so that bums me a little bit, but my grass looks amazing and I have fresh vegetables coming out of my garden already. So, I can’t complain too much.

    I am thinking about your dad. I hope he continues to feel better. He is so lucky to have you in his life! I hope you know how incredibly special YOU are!

    Dinner looks amazing! I miss tempeh and tofu so much. Those sandwiches would have made me so happy too! (maybe not so good for my intestines, but my taste buds would be having a party!)

    So many hugs to you!

    • spabettie says

      you will get to the lake soon enough… maybe I’m supposed to come up with another cocktail or two before you can go!?

      oh, sweet friend, thank you! you are too kind. definitely a perspective-building experience, and I am happy to do all I can (and grateful to be able to!).

      many hugs back! XO

    • spabettie says

      I know you’d like this – sounds like a perfect Heather sandwich! and thank you, Heather… your continued support is more than enough, I appreciate it SO much! XXO

  6. says

    i’m praying for your dad that he continues to feel good & the treatments are successful! it sounds like he’s got such a positive attitude.

    oh, and these sandwiches? yum. grilled pineapple is one of my favorites!

    • spabettie says

      thank you, Sarah! I sure hope these treatments are successful as well… I appreciate your words and prayers.

      pineapple in general is a favorite… grilling it is just SO good!

  7. says

    Sending strength to your dad during radiation. I hope he continues to feel good too!! And wow, those sandwiches look divine. grilled pineapple is SO GOOD and I never considered it IN a sandwich. Now I shall!

    • spabettie says

      thank you – I could use all the strength I can… so can Dad! :)

      and yes, please consider a pineapple sandwich. then make one! XXO

  8. says

    Grilled pineapple is my favorite! Yeah, you’re going to talk me into impulse-buying a grill one of these days ;D

    And wishing for the best for your dad! I hope he continues to feel great–and I’m sure knowing he has such a supportive daughter adds to his positive attitude towards everything.

    • spabettie says

      you need a grill. 😉 thank you, Allie! I sure hope I make this journey easier for him – I certainly do everything I can to! I hope he contineus to feel good too… he is a strong old bird, after all.

  9. says

    Grillicious! WOW!!!! Drooling over here, why must you do this to me!!

    That propane pic is still scary to me, lol.

    Really thinking about you and your fam. Praying for dad!

    • spabettie says

      I know, propane in the car is a dodgy effort for sure. when we moved, the movers moved our grill, but we had to transport the propane in one of our cars! 😉

      thank you SO much, Nichole… your prayers mean a great deal, to me AND my dad. XXO

  10. says

    Tempeh bacon is seriously one of my all time favorites! I think I’ll have to buy some this weekend for sure.

    And love love love grilled pineapple. It’s like the best of both worlds (or 1 world since they’re both vegan but you get what I mean).

    • spabettie says

      I definitely get what you mean. This was my first time cooking with these strips, don’t know why I waited so long!

  11. says

    I love this sandwich! I can’t imagine a anything better than grilled pineapple pair with tempeh bacon- this is totally right up my alley!

    My heart goes out to your dad- I wish him and you and your family much strength through this period.

  12. says

    Those Grey Goose glasses are cool! Where did you get them?

    I love tempeh as well, especially grilled. I’ve made tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches, and marinated the tempeh in a chipolte glaze to mimic the smoky bacon flavour. I bet grilled pineapple would be a great addition to that sandwich as well!

    • spabettie says

      aren’t they fun? two were a gift, and we found two more on Amazon –> Grey Goose Glasses.

      I love a TLT sandwich -Pineapple adds a great sweetness – it would pair VERY well with chipotle! (I know because I have done it before!) :)

  13. says

    Yay BBQing! I love it! Just haven’t gotten into it yet much this year, due to the weather. :( But I bought a BBQ pan, so at least I can grill things on my stove now! 😀

    Your sandwiches very much remind me of the famous Toast Hawaii! 😀 I it plays in the same league as layer salad and cheese hedgehogs do. 😉

    • spabettie says

      haa, would you believe I have never heard of Toast Hawaii? :) but yes, looks similar! I love all these crazy foods you are sharing here lately! (still like the hedgehog best…

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      you are so welcome Julie – enjoy! we make this a lot during the summer grilling season… cannot wait!

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