grilled sushi dog

by Kristina Sloggett

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Happy Sunday!

I sure am happy – yesterday I spent my vacation unpacking boxes and setting up the dining room, which is going to be my photography studio. In addition to the photos I shoot for this website, I have now had 2 paid gigs and am negotiating a third. I am so happy to have a real dedicated space for photos and props, where I can grow this lifelong interest into more exciting opportunities.

The house is coming together – most of the boxes are in the living room, which will be our “library” when everything is settled. We want a nice area for all of our books (both Jason and I have so, so many – my brother can attest to that as he packed them all), our stereo, and perhaps one day that cocktail cart I have always wanted.

I’ll share more house photos soon.

Today, though, we are taking a break from the work. We are getting together with two other couples to grill. The girls are both doctors I used to work with, and their husbands are both Jason’s band mates.

There may be an impromptu jam session later.

Speaking of grilling, I do believe we have already grilled more this season than all of last summer.¬†Portland’s summer was so dismal last year, Jason just realized he never had to replace the tank on the grill. Sad.

I have a “hot dog craving” about this time each year, and the other day I indulged it. That craving was satisfied with a vegan dog and a gluten free bun, and in this case, sushi flavors. Jason had chicken dogs, and our guests were split down the middle – half had those and half had the faux variety. We all enjoyed our own Japanese flavor toppings!

grilled sushi dogs

assemble ingredients:

hot dogs
hot dog rolls
caramelized onions
sesame seeds
sprouts (daikon and regular)
miso dressing
spicy sriracha sauce
Nori Komi Furikake

While Jason was grilling the dogs and buns, I was caramelizing the onions and prepping everything else. I made an assembly line buffet style, so everyone could make their own. 

These can be made entirely vegan, and while I know the field roast is not gluten free, I still used gluten free hot dog rolls. Since I only have a hot dog craving about once a year, I’m not too versed on the vegan variety – anyone know of vegan dogs that are also gluten free? I also made the miso dressing and spicy sriracha sauce with vegan mayo.

We love this unique flavor addition to a classic grilled dog – the miso mayo and grilled onions are my favorite part, and I never have enough nori.

What are your favorite hot dog toppings?


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