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Not only has my dear friend Deb been a wonderful support and source of great information during my dad’s illness, but she sends me dachshund chopstick holders from Japan as well. These little guys made my day.

So many of you continue to ask after dad. We had a step backwards this week, with another middle of the night trip to the ER for a lung infection. Dad is okay now, back at home and I am relieved to have my brother around to help now! Not only for the obvious reasons help brings, but because I’m not so alone in this. and my brother and I always have fun together.

This marriage proposal. Sweetest ever, and it was right here in Portland!

This book is so good! I read it within two days. I don’t want to talk too much about what it is about – it is from the perspective of the dog, and written very well at that. It gets philosophical at times, using great metaphor to tell a touching story. The end is the best ending I’ve read since Water for Elephants.

I have been wanting to make Lisa’s bread for a while now, and this sandwich is just what will make it finally happen.

Look, more seasonal beer!

We brought this home yesterday. As much as I love ginger, this wasn’t my favorite. I still dig on the label, though…

Lunch today? This sandwich:

Twelve things you should be able to say about yourself. <– powerful,  this.

What are you up to this weekend? Have any movie suggestions? I think I’ll take Jason on a date!

Happy Weekend!


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