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by Kristina Sloggett

in Basil is a Young Sportsman


Another entry about something other than food?

Yeah, but I could not let the passing of my favorite Beastie go by without saying something, paying tribute in some way. Besides, I haven’t had time to cook lately.

I love music of all kinds, and one of my all time favorites has always been Beastie Boys. Their musical talent has shaped decades of inspiration for me, and has been the soundtrack to many events. It was the source of one massive project I took on while living at Sunriver Resort. I have attended more of their concerts than I can count. Easy to say Beastie Boys has created the most significant music, the most monumental for me. The most epic.

Their music always gives me energy, lifts me up, makes things positive. Whenever Jason asks what I’d like to listen to (road trip, whatever…), I undoubtedly answer Beastie Boys. Every time.

The first time I heard the word Namaste? Beastie Boys, Bodhisattva Vow live.

Who inspired my art history reports about Toulouse-Lautrec? Beastie Boys, The Move.

Which concert is the only one I’d run down the hill to elbow my way to the front row? Beastie Boys at the stunning Gorge Amphitheater, for Sasquatch 2007 and Endfest 2002 (where I also sprained my wrist dancing while yelling the lyrics to Paul Revere).

…and if you really still want an entry about food? A year ago this month I made the MCA Smoothie for my favorite Vegan Beastie.


Good times gone and you missed them
What’s gone wrong in your system
Things they bounce just like a Spaulding
What’d you think did you miss your calling
It’s so free this kind of feeling
It’s like life it’s so appealing
When you got so much to say
It’s called gratitude

Rest In Peace Adam Yauch. You are greatly missed, from White Castle to The Nile.


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