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…on a Tuesday. For alliteration.

The weekend in Portland could not have been more perfect – sunny, clear and warm – Saturday and Sunday were in the mid 70’s, and yesterday was in the 80’s! I wore my pink shoes for the first time this season. I need a pedicure…

green tea wasabi peanuts. A favorite snack I have been revisiting lately. Between these and Sriracha Peas, I’ve got the corner on Spicy Snackage.

Please tell me what your Pro Wrestling Name is… I am Bulldog Juggernaut.

One of the first things I chewed after my dental surgery – vegan mac and cheese with herby homemade hummus. So SO very good.

The link to the hummus? includes a sweet story from my childhood…

A very dear friend recently sent me a thoughtful and awesome care package, just because. She has been an incredible support and source of strength for me this year – uplifting and always saying the exact right thing – that’s Natasha – such a dear! One of the treasures in this gift? A bottle of health, in the form of chlorophyll! I have been adding this to our juices and smoothies, and as pictured here, to a glass of water for a minty refreshment:

Good stuff, that is.

I am One Lucky Duck lately, I received another wonderful care package from another friend and favorite Whiskey Drinkin’ Chimney Sweep, Jillian. Look!

This is a dishsoap apron! She is so crafty, right? She also made me an adorable vinyl coin purse, it was a perfect accessory on our recent trip! LOVE the rabbit zipper pull…

I am so very thankful to my generous friends – they really know how to bring the sunshine.

Last but certainly not least, the four winners of the NuNaturals giveaway have been (randomly) selected and announced

Happy Tuesday – what’s new with you?


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