rules of the day

by Kristina Sloggett

in real life wisdom

These are rules for my day today. and possibly my tomorrow.

rule # 1. when a bunch of bad things are happening? don’t ask “what else could possibly go wrong?”

Even if you do not actually ask that question, sometimes you get an answer anyway.

We spent Wednesday in the ER. Only this time it was for me. I am completely healthy, all tests came back fine, but for some reason my blood pressure was above 200 yesterday. With an incredibly bad headache, that scared me enough to go in. They saw me pretty quickly, as they all quickened their step when I told them my readings.

I am fine. I don’t show history of high blood pressure (tests can show long term high, I am good), everything else was fine. They asked if I had any abnormal stress lately. Hmm. They gave me an Rx for Chill Pills and orders to take it easy.

Mother Nature must have thought I may not listen, so she gave us several inches of snow! Message received, loud and clear.

rule #2. for today. relax. take a nap. read a book. go for a walk in the snow.

rule #3. tell the important people just how important they are.

rule #4. eat or drink your veggies.

snow day juice

serves two

8 carrots
5 handfuls spinach
1 inch piece ginger
1 orange
1 apple
3 tomatoes

Juice, pour into glasses, cool in the snow. Enjoy!

Cooled by the snow.

Chill out.


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