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by Kristina Sloggett

in Basil is a Young Sportsman

I am recovering from a relaxing weekend. I gave myself permission to do nothing. Though I cancelled more plans than I kept (sorry Sarah, sorry Alix – I look forward to our rescheduled events this weekend!), I did not miss a dear friend’s baby shower.

Part of the baby shower fun was creating custom onesies with fabric pens. Such a fun idea, I want to throw a baby shower so I can do this again! Here is mine:

The train wraps around the back. Drawing is much more fun with a bunch of girls and some mango mimosas!

I also had a couple of valuable conversations with some people who have been through what I am going through with my Dad. Mutual venting with a very strong friend going through her fathers brain cancer and all the complications that come along with it. Several incredible information filled conversations with a friend who is so generously sharing her first hand knowledge of caring for a parent.

Last but certainly not least, more fantastic and detailed help from a friend whose Pop has just beat cancer, and he was the main caregiver for him. Not only that, it was the same cancer my Dad is currently battling. I was quickly typing notes into my phone as he gave me great info on things to do and use as my Dad progresses with his treatment. He also said it is incredibly difficult, but he can make it through (he knows my Dad). We held hands and cheersed a beer to Dad’s health. I am so happy his Pop is cancer free.

I just paused here for more than ten minutes, taking in the feelings, so incredibly grateful for all the amazing people in my life. I am blessed.

In the relaxing of the weekend, I also took time to give myself a manicure.

The grey polish goes well with the houndstooth, yes?

Also, I wore green. Did not drink green beer. Did visit a Tiki Bar.

Ate this sandwich, made with this salad.

and made this amazing fudge. Then covered it in peanut butter.

Now I begin my regular week. Four more days ’til Saturday. Make it a great one!


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