ducks in the pool

This always makes me smile.

Even though we are both SO ready to move on and SO ready to find our perfect next home, I’m going to miss this place. We have such an awesome couple acres, great yard and garden, and in the winter when the pool is covered, the ducks come play in it!

This is the duck couple that is always on our property. He is very protective of her – it is so sweet. Notice how he is always facing whatever direction she is going, watching over her?

The mallards are always so brightly colored and pretty.

These two are almost as big as Basil.

Basil flips out when they are in the yard or in the stream just below the yard… he just wants to play too!

I know Basil will miss all the critters and wildlife we have here, especially the squirrels that taunt him from the trees and that he chases through the grass.

I will miss this duck couple – aren’t they cute?

Happy Friday!



  1. says

    They are cute! I always loved ducks! My son and I used to feed ducks at this little lake near his paps house when he was younger, he loved it!

    I am SO excited for all 3 of you on the search for your new home!

    Happy weekend! <3

    • spabettie says

      we have so many here, you guys would love them!! 😀

      thank you, Katie, for your enthusiasm about our house hunt… I am SO excited, the tours are fun. We WILL find our perfect one… XXO happy weekend to you all!

    • spabettie says

      I like them too – they are always flying in and out of the lake by our house, quack quack quacking!

  2. says

    GOOD LUCK with the house-hunting! It feels so good to finally find the right place–even if it won’t include ducks. Maybe you’ll just need a pet duck instead. Or a stuffed toy duck for Basil :)

    • spabettie says

      when we move, we plan to get a SECOND dachshund – a little sister for Basil! and maybe a stuffed duck 😉 thank you – it’s an exciting thing, looking at houses!

  3. says

    So cute and sweet! I love watching the birds in our yard. Our home backs up to 10 acres of green space and I love all the critters. Well, the snakes can go away, but the deer, bunnies (even though they eat my vegetable plants – we will have to work on this), birds and squirrels are welcome.

    • spabettie says

      *sigh* that is THE ONE THING I will miss about living here – we are on 2 acres ourselves, beyond that is a park and tennis courts, and on the other side, a golf course… we are really out here in the quiet, but only 10 minutes from the city – PERFECT location! we have just outgrown our house…

      :) hmmm, I wonder how you keep the buns away from your veggies??

  4. says

    Awww… they are cute. :) We have this pair of doves that hang out on our patio everyday. :) Good luck with all the house hunting. I’m so excited for you! Hugs! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. says

    Having the ducks appear has to make you so happy! Here on our lake and at our property in the mountains on the river seeing ducks, geese, and other waterfowl always makes us happy. The best is when we see a family of ducks or geese with fairly new “babies” on the river and then see the parents “shoot the rapids” with them! It’s just adorable to see them floating along and then suddenly shoot through the rapid like there’s nothing to it. 😉


  6. says

    I love the ducks. There’s a little lake opposite to my parents’ house, and ducks live there. Sometimes, they just stand on one leg *for hours* (I’ve observed that, so I know!), resting and being zen. I really admire these ducks. I want to be like them. So calm. So in peace with myself. Capable of standing on one leg for hours and feeling comfortable (because they seem to do, otherwise they wouldn’t do it, right?) …

    My fingers are crossed for you that you find a lovely home! With a beautiful garden and a duck pond. Maybe the ducks will move with you? :)

    • spabettie says

      I know, moving out here after spending YEARS in the city, we could not believe it (actually, we STILL are so delighted every time!). I call it my Sopranos moment, having ducks in the pool…

    • spabettie says

      I’m sure we will – THAT is how I know it’s spring! :) they are so cute, chirping as they swim across our little river that goes through the yard. drives the dog crazy! :)

  7. says

    Awww. My mom was just saying this past weekend how she can’t wait for spring because her ducks will come back (she has named them Tony and Carmella and swears the same two come back every year.)

    You’ll have new ducks 😉

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