so that happened

by Kristina Sloggett

in Basil is a Young Sportsman


Things do not always go smoothly in my corner of the culinary world.

What follows is an honest account of what happened yesterday. All in one day. I couldn’t make this up.

First, I needed avocados for dinner. That’s all – I had just gone to the store. I was going to run up quickly just for avocados, no big deal. I really wanted the avocados. Before I left the house, I checked all my lists (yeah, I have several) for anything else I needed, you know, since I was going. I made a list of about five things?

Five things turned into three bags of groceries. and a dark chocolate mocha from my friend Peet.

As I was driving away, I realized I forgot the avocados.

Later, making pasta for dinner, this happened.

Pouring the box of pasta into the boiling pot of water, I somehow missed. The pasta went everywhere, including into the burners. Those pastas started a fire. With two other active burners cooking, I somehow put the fire out.

Now mom tells me that blowing on it will only make it worse.

When I finally cleaned up and got the water boiling again, I was able to connect the pasta (a second box) to the pot. I walked away to continue chopping veggies, forgetting to stir pasta. That pasta did not get stirred once.

Third time’s a charm with pasta, right?

When I finally got the pasta cooked and in single pieces, I took it to the sink to drain. I have this great faucet that swivels all  the way out of the way, so there it goes. I was still frazzled I suppose, because as I was juggling the (large) pot and the strainer insert, I turned on the cold water to mix with the hot that is going down the drain. Yeah, are you already picturing this? The water is going all over my counters. and the floor.

Dachshund comes running.

Last, and perhaps most heartbreaking, this happened:

A cake I have made approximately 8927 times flawlessly, turned out like this. I have no idea why.

Dachshund comes running.


…I went back for those darn avocados. and they were good.

My kitchen still smells like burning.


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