wasabi peanut butter cups

by Kristina Sloggett

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I made several flavors of peanut butter cups for Valentines Day. For a step by step photo tutorial (and to see some detailed Earth chocolates), click here. For the following recipes, refer to that method when reading directions.

Peanut butter cups are easy to make, using very few ingredients, and can be made tonight, in time for Valentines Day! Making up surprise middles is the best part.

The new favorite peanut butter cup in our house? Wasabi.

wasabi peanut butter cups

After the second layer of peanut butter, dot wasabi on top or if you are adventurous and like spicy heat, spread a layer atop peanut butter. Yum. Continue and complete with final layer(s) of chocolate.

I was generous with the wasabi:

Wasabi and peanut butter are a surprisingly good pairing. Nestle that perfect pairing into dark chocolate? Happy Valentines Day, indeed.

graham peanut butter cups

Prior to the second layer of peanut butter, add a layer of graham crumbs to the first layer of chocolate. Top with peanut butter layer and continue with final layers of chocolate.

dark chocolate ginger cups

Get rid of the peanut butter altogether in this one! Replace with generous chunks of crystallized ginger, cover with final layer of dark chocolate. Mmm – such a delicious combination!

…and then? I covered them in Valentines decor! Remember how I told you my first try with vegan white chocolate didn’t quite work this year? I was able to salvage it, and I made it into fuchsia fondant hearts. Hearts that topped each and every flavor of peanut butter cups.

Well, the ones that didn’t have swirled chocolate and pink glitter or rainbow sprinkles.

Happy Valentines!


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