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I have been meaning to share the view outside my dad’s hospital room.

Someone attached three super heros onto a string, and they fly right by the windows.

Super heros = people you look up to. People you want to emulate and celebrate.

My dad has been my hero these last several months. Going through some pretty tough surgeries, and now having a trach temporarily take his voice, he has been nothing but positive and strong. He always has a big smile for me, and like I shared before, always jokes with me and the nurses.

He is able to cough through his trach, and does it well. He was telling me the other day he scared a nurse, made her jump, because his cough was so loud.

This is how he told me:

I had to take a photo of that, because it makes me smile. I look at it often.

So many of you continue to ask about him and send positive thoughts, and I thank you for all of them. Your words mean more than you know. Dad is doing well, and is now at home. I have this nurse thing down to an imperfect science, and it’s a nice visit each morning when I show up. We had an oncologist appointment today – I really like his whole team of doctors – and he starts chemo treatment this Thursday. I will keep you updated – his plan goes several months.

Now I have sat here at my keyboard for the last several minutes, not knowing how to say what I have to say.

We lost Jason’s dad yesterday. It was completely unexpected and we are numb with shock and sadness. One day I may share more about Jason’s dad, and what an amazing person he was. I am so happy to have known him, he was another who was positive and funny and always put others before himself.

As they say back in Missouri, very Salt of the Earth.

The world lost a good one yesterday. A real life hero.

Bob, you impacted many. You are dearly missed, by many.


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