cooler cleanse

by Kristina Sloggett

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I recently finished another cleanse, this one was three days, plus a week of raw eating my own meals after. This way of eating is so good for me, makes me feel good and extremely energetic.

After we celebrate Valentines and finish up all the pink treats, I am doing another one. I will be doing this one, again.

Cooler cleanse. I love the way this is designed, and I love the juice – all delicious! You choose a three day or a five day cleanse, and you are sent a variety of juices and a cooler (cute cooler, I use it all the time!). There are six juices a day, each bottle with a number on the lid, 1-6. The cleanse is planned out to be consumed by number, and these are the daily choices:

1) sweet greens

2) grapefruit & mint, pineapple ginger or watermelon lime

3) essential green

4) young coconut water or spicy lemonade

5) essential red

6) almond nut milk or brazil nut milk

The essential greens? There are three pounds of greens in every bottle.

The pineapple ginger is amazing – it’s a flavor I make often anyway, so its good to know I’m making good combinations on my own.

The sweet greens and the essential reds are great, and I looked forward to them. They are a great way to start the day and get through the afternoon.

Finishing the day with a nut milk felt soothing and relaxing. These people know what they’re doing.

The watermelon lime tastes like summer. Makes me want summer.
I cannot wait for summer.

The young coconut water is one of the best flavors I have tasted in a while, of anything. It was amazing, and as weird as this will sound, tasted like cereal. I want to buy coolers full of this one flavor, if they let me. A delicious flavor that was definitely a favorite of the week. The most accurate way I can describe it is a tasty comfort cereal flavor.

SO good.

I have never tasted anything like it. I’m not excited to drink other coconut juice now…

Many of my readers already know I love to juice and cleanse. If you want to know my reasoning and experiences (and see a fun pineapple pepper!), please read this.

For a detailed FAQ / ‘your questions answered’, please read this. If you have any questions, please ask.

I love my juicer, I got a new one a couple months ago (details on that soon!). With as much juicing as I do, I have gotten into quite a groove with it all – from prepping the produce to juicing to cleaning the juicer, I can get it all done within 20 minutes at the most. I know a common complaint is cleaning the juicer, heck, for some it is “dragging it in from the garage”. A cleanse like this is a great alternative to doing it yourself and saving time.

I realize the price is out of range of many daily food budgets, and I already know this will be something I splurge on, plan and save for. There are times in life (like mine, right now) where having everything planned and done and ready for you is a really good thing. With my days being non stop and completely packed from 6am to 9pm these days, I welcome this. :D It is quick, convenient, portable (cooler! keeps it cool!), and completely nutritious.

I can’t wait to do it again!



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