jambalaya for Mardi Gras

There was a time I did not like spicy foods. Actually, I think I just never gave them a chance, and certainly never cooked anything spicy or with any amount of heat. My dad loves spicy foods. My brother loves spicy foods. Jason loves spicy foods.

Little by little, I have come around and now I love spicy foods. I will always stand by my original thought, though – that it must be a flavorful heat, not just so hot that I am crying and cannot taste anything. I have been having fun learning about peppers and spices, and their varying heat levels.

When Julie asked me to create something for Mighty Vegan’s Mardi Gras, I was honored and excited, and I knew exactly what I would be making – jambalaya!

Julie is celebrating her home town of New Orleans by hosting a series of Mardi Gras food and recipe posts on Mighty Vegan.

My jambalaya recipe is featured today – check that out here.

She has already posted a po-boy recipe as well, which sounds amazing. I am honored to be a part of the series, and look forward to seeing other New Orleans traditions – stop by Mighty Vegan and say hello!

Fat Tuesday is two weeks from today – will you be celebrating Mardi Gras?

Are you a spicy food fan?



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    I love spicy foods, but I’ve actually been CRAVING them hardcore lately, the spicier the better, way more spice than normal… so much so that I was actually really relieved when my period got here last week. Thank goodness it’s not that!

  2. says

    I am definitely checking this out! I am weird enough to love okra (and have a bag of frozen okra that needs to be used). I usually don’t do much for Mardi Gras, but now I’m thinking I just might have to celebrate…

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    Love the spice and I always love that I can spot a fresh jalapeno in your food pics, it’s the first thing I see :) I need to check out her site for your recipe and the po boy recipe, they are absolutely delicious.

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    This looks amazing! I love heat, but it has to be a flavor component, not just hot. I want to taste the spice not be on fire. I have really developed a deep love for spicy foods! I haven’t have Jambalaya since I developed a recipe for a client two years ago…I have no idea why because it is so dang good!

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    Gary loves Jambalaya! I am bookmarking this page! and Gary loves spicy foods, and I go through periods of liking it then not so much, the spicy flavors starts to get to me and over powers the dish

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    I loooove spicy foods! It was the jalapeno that grabbed me and pulled me into this post 😀 I wasn’t always a fan of spicy, either. And then I remember discovering hot sauce. Tabasco and Frank’s Red Hot soaked into EVERYTHING. I’ve been in love with spicy ever since <3

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    My husband is obsessed with jambalaya and always orders it if it’s on a menu somewhere. I’ve made it a few times at home, and it turned out pretty well- it wasn’t vegan, though. I wonder if it would be good with tempeh instead of vegan sausage? And I’ve got to get my hands on some soy curls to compare the difference with TSP!

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    As a west-coaster, Louisiana-inspired dishes are hard to come by here…I hardly ever see okra at the grocery store, unfortunately :( Nevertheless, I am always up for a gumbo or jambalaya – your recipe takes me back to New Orleans – very nice work!

  9. Robin says

    I made this on Sunday…SO good…my husband emailed me yesterday and said he was craving more! Thanks for the great food ideas! I had to let it cook for 4 hours…the brown rice takes FOREVER to fluff up! :)

    • spabettie says

      yay – SO glad you like it too! I love that your husband emailed about it – hearing that kind of thing makes my day!

  10. Jana says

    thank you for this recipe! I have wanted a friendly jambalaya and this one looks terrifically spicy, perfect! thanks

  11. Kate says

    I got so excited when I stumbled across this page, but it looks like the link to the recipe doesn’t work anymore. Could you re-post it somewhere? I’d love to try it!

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