blackened cauliflower and kalamata pizza for Food ‘N Flix: Eat Pray Love

by Kristina Sloggett

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Last month I discovered a fun monthly event, Food ‘n Flix, created by Heather of girlichef, and hosted by a different blogger each month. The host chooses a film that has a food theme, we watch and create a dish inspired by the film. Fun, right?

This month, the host is The Law Student’s Cookbook and the film – Eat Pray Love.

I loved this book when I read it years ago. Not surprisingly, I immediately wanted to book my own three month trip filled with self indulgent excess. I wanted to meet a Balinese Shaman. I wanted to stretch and learn and explore. I even wanted to learn to meditate. I am not so good at quieting this mind.

When the movie came out, I saved Jason from having to watch and a few excited girls went to see it. As much as I find Julia Roberts charming, I did not enjoy the movie as much as the book. I know many feel the same – saying it is too self indulgent and unrealistic. Well, of course, for many this is true. For me this is true, at least the unrealistic part.

I feel there are times you should be self indulgent, and have no guilt about it. Watching this film recently, with my recent perspectives, I can appreciate the break. I can appreciate the running halfway across the world. I can appreciate taking care of yourself.

I think what was disappointing for me, in anticipation of the three places visited and the accompanying life changers in each, was the first hour of the movie – giving more story to details that were not as prevalent in the book. We saw so much more of her life prior to the journey – I wanted to get to the good stuff. Okay, and the pizza.

Another reason many might be turned off by the self indulgence – the movie doesn’t clearly define the why. The book can narrate much more of the thoughts, feelings and intentions that inspire such a trip in the first place – the struggle to find oneself and the search for independence – the movie is a glossy party with new friends, and pizza.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed the movie okay. Having read the book, I can and do appreciate this movie – even like it. It was fun to watch again for this post. After 2.5 hours, I was ready for pizza.

blackened cauliflower and kalamata pizza

gluten, egg and dairy free, vegan

makes one pie

5 ounces mozzarella (1/2 block Follow Your Heart), grated
roasted / blackened cauliflower (recipe follows)
1 16 ounce jar peppers – sweet cherry or Italian, chopped
1 cup kalamata olives, pitted
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 pizza crust (recipe follows)

Top pizza crust with olive oil, basil and oregano. Arrange cheese, leaving an inch around edge of crust. Top with cauliflower, olives and peppers. Cook according to instruction for pizza crust – (after par-baking crust, bake pizza with toppings 10-15 minutes at 375).

roasted / blackened cauliflower

1/2 head cauliflower
2 tablespoons olive oil
sea salt

Chop / break cauliflower into bite size pieces, arrange on foil lined baking sheet. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle sea salt, bake in 350 degree oven for 25 minutes, turning halfway through. To blacken / crisp further, broil for 3-5 more minutes, watching closely.

gluten free pizza crust

makes one pie

gluten, soy, egg and dairy free, vegan

3/4 cup sorghum flour
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1/2 cup sweet rice flour
1/4 cup millet flour
2 tablespoons flax meal
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 + 1/8 teaspoon xanthan gum
3/4 cup warm water
1 teaspoon agave
1 active dry yeast packet
2 tablespoons olive oil + extra for kneading/shaping 

Proof the yeast – combine yeast packet with warm water and agave, set aside. Add all dry ingredients to bowl or stand mixer. Add proofed yeast and oil, combine (using stand mixer, I mixed on medium for 2-3 minutes).

With olive oil on your hands, remove dough from bowl and shape into a ball. On prepared baking sheet (I used olive oiled parchment), spread dough into desired shape for your pizza. Let dough sit for 30 minutes – preheat oven to 375. Partially bake dough 25 minutes. Add toppings and return to oven, continue baking another 10-15 minutes, until toppings are warm and melty.

Cheesy, salty, and spicy – this is my new favorite pizza flavor. 

To see a roundup of all Eat Pray Love inspirations, visit The Law Student’s Cookbook in the coming days (after the deadline, January 28).

To participate or host a month with your own movie choice, visit Food ‘n Flix for more information and to see the upcoming movies.



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