by Kristina Sloggett

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I have had plenty of perspective – giving moments this week.

I don’t want to get into many details, but I want to explain my absence this week and what will most likely follow for a while.

Dad went into the hospital a week ago today.

Before we left for Mexico over the holidays, he was to have his third and final surgery – the most important one. This did not happen, due to complications.

Last Friday we found out those complications are cancer.

He was admitted to prepare for chemo – instead there are more complications – he has spent most of the week in ICU with pneumonia.

Needless to say, everything else in life just stops – my main focus right now is my dad, and getting him better.

I am also watching our yard fill with water.

The rain, and the lessons in perspective, can stop now. We have had enough.

I miss you all – I miss the daily interaction here and out there – I bring my laptop to the hospital and check in when I can.

Go hug your loved ones for me, okay?


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