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we are baaaack!

We have been “backpacking” in Mexico since I was here last – and oh, how I have missed you all!

Landing in Puerto Vallarta with only one night booked, we traveled through Nayarit and landed in several different places. I have just started to go through the 900 photos I took – I will share more about our travels in the coming days.

Our first night included this view on our balcony:

I really thought Jason might sleep out there. Our next home? Needs one of these. So very therapeutic for my water loving Jason.

This was our view for many days.

We celebrated the holidays.

We celebrated our anniversary.

We spent days and days on the beach.

We enjoyed tequila.

On the beach.


I love hammocks.

This was my view.

A lot.

Another hammock perspective:

Now this little sweetie is my view:

We are all back home, and all is right in our world. Plus, we have a checked bag full of tequila. The vacation continues…

Basil had his own adventures while we were gone – I’ll share all of those too!

Happy Wednesday, and Happy Holidays to you all.


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