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Happy Holidays!

As many times as I have been to my favorite city, I have yet to enjoy Candle 79, New York City’s premier sustainable restaurant. The Candle 79 cookbook went on sale November 1st, and I had my copy soon after! This book has the recipes for the restaurants earth-friendly upscale eats alongside stunning color photos. It is a beautiful piece of art, and would make a great gift.

I have already made several of the recipes – from seitan piccata (my favorite!) and live lasagna to pillowy doughnuts and the French 79 cocktail. I will be sharing reviews of some of these recipes later, right now, I want to give one of these beautiful books away!

Five ways to enter, please leave a comment for each:

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Enter through December 20. Winner emailed December 21.

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  1. says

    I absolutely Love this cookbook!!! A great idea for a gift this year, I am personally giving Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Everyday. My grandma, stepmom and sister are all getting it and hopefully inspiring them to cook more vegetarian. It is one of my favorite cookbooks, much like Candle 79. My favorite recipe I made from it was a spin in a quinoa burger: Black Rice Pesto burger and celery root that I made for The Holy Kale.. So good, you can check it out here

    See you on Facebook!

  2. Alice Wilbeck says

    My favorite cookbook is 1000 Gluten-Free Recipes by Carol Fenster. It has something for everybody and I especially love the baked goods! Her flour combo is a really good mixture, which is important because I love to bake!

  3. Jessica says

    favorite restaurant is rawbert’s organic garden cafe in beverly, ma. as a raw vegan its one of the only places around here that i can eat everything and everything is delish!:)

  4. says

    My favorite cookbook is honestly a Martha Stewart book. Every recipe we’ve done in that book has been great. Even if we questioned some of the weird methods in the book!

  5. says

    my favorite cookbook fluctuates, but right now i’m favoring kathy hester’s vegan slow cooker and julie hasson’s vegan diner.

    my favorite restaurant also changes from time to time, but sticky fingers in dc will always hold a special place in my heart (and appetite)

  6. says

    I wanted to go to Candle 79 the last time I was in NYC, but I got outvoted. But a cookbook could be a second best! My current favorite cookbook is the Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites book.

  7. says

    Out of the limited collection of cookbooks that I actually own, Canadian Living: the Vegetarian Collection is still my favourite. I would definitely like to own this one too!

  8. says

    My favorite restaurants are all in California (I live in Utah). All vegan: Evolution Fast Food, Native Foods, Stephanie’s Bakery, and Real Food Daily! Favorite Cookbooks: Vegan Brunch, Complete Guide to Vegan Substitutes, The Kind Life etc.

  9. says

    My favorite cookbook of the moment is Clean Start. I adore Terry Walters! I’ve heard such great things about this cookbook so I definitely have to check it out if I don’t win! :)

  10. bitt says

    I have the older version of this book and it’s great! I’d love to gift this one. Lately I’ve been loving “Appetite for Reduction” as a cookbook.

  11. Kari says

    I don’t know if I could pick a favorite cookbook. My mom had one made a few years ago for my sister & I. It’s filled with family recipes and gets used a lot.

  12. Lindsay says

    My favorite cookbook is Terry Walters’ Clean Start (Clean Food is on my xmas list). Her recipes are so simple, yet creative!

  13. says

    My favorite restaurant is Rahel, an Ethiopian all-vegan restaurant in Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles. The food is so wonderful and full-bodied, and I always leave stuffed!

  14. Rebecca says

    My favorite restaurant is Candle 79 actually! Very good, unique & affordable food! I’d do anything for this cookbook :)

  15. billiejean says

    My favorite restaurant is Kavarna in Downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. Amazing vegan food there! It is one of the only two vegan places in that city! I would definitely suggest having the Falafel bake!

  16. alisa joy says

    my favorite cookbook is how to cook everything veg. such a good basic for teaching ways to get flavor out of veggies. good for any type of diet!

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