Thundershirt giveaway

Happy Holidays!

Remember the review I recently wrote about Thundershirt? I told you it was not a sponsored post, that they didn’t know me or Basil.

Well, they do now! They got in touch with me after reading my review, and they have offered to send a Thundershirt to one lucky doggie who reads spabettie. I am really excited to be able to offer this, as I know how much it has helped our sweet Basil.

See? Basil likes his so much it makes his tail wag. The Thundershirt comes in many sizes and even after you pick the size that is right for your pup, it wraps and is adjustable, so it’s like a custom snug fit.

To read more about them, see my review.

Five ways to enter, please leave a comment for each:

1) What kind of dog do you have, and what is their name ?

2) Tweet this –>

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Enter through December 20. Winner emailed December 21.

giveaway sponsored by Thundershirt

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  1. says

    Ahh! This is one I REALLY want, as my mom was just reading about these the other day as something we might try for Chauncey. I told her about your review, so she might splurge and try one out. (He tends to have anxiety and nothing really helps.)

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Lynette Cruz says

    I like you on fb and twitter! and I tweeted! This I love !! My doggie is a Jack russell terrier and her name is Tiny!! She is on 10 all day,would love to try this on her,god knows she needs it!! LOL….Merry Christmas!!

  3. says

    I have a rescue dog that would so love to have this.. before he came to us he was wandering the country side during the rainy season. Bitty is so terrified of storms now. Love your blog..

  4. says

    I’ve got a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Emil, who is brave most of the time – but turns into a wimpering and miserable thing when it is time to do his pedicure…
    Already like you on Facebook! :-)

  5. Liza says

    I have two dachshunds named Jackson and Sadie. They’re the best! Jackson, though, was not in a great situation before he came to us, and he has some issues as a result. I’d like to try him in this.

  6. Ashley K says

    I have a little weenie dog, her name is Twix and she gets scared when it storms especially. I haven’t ever heard of those, but it sounds like a great idea!

  7. Annie says

    I have two dogs- Olive and Kazoo. They both have excellent fashion sense and would LOVE a Thundershirt! I think they would get along great with Basil!

  8. says

    Our beaglerrier (beagle-terrier mix) Colonel Mustard would love this. We head to the tundra this Christmas & this would help keep him toasty warm. :)

  9. says

    We have two long-haired doxies, both of whom are rescue pups as well!
    One of them has anxiety problems; the vet said that he has OCD. Maybe this would help?

  10. Erin says

    This would be perfect for our dog Bonaparte! He’s a stray that my mom took in – we think he’s half dachshund and half corgi. Originally he was TERRIFIED of men, but he’s warmed up to my dad and now they go everywhere together. He still gets nervous and reacts by being as fierce as he can – hence the name. But he’s a total sweetheart and I bet he’d LOVE a thundershirt!

  11. Rebecca says

    I have a very energetic 4 year old English pointer, Brittany (& maybe hound? whatever she is, she can pull like a monster) mix.

  12. j says

    My shepard mix, Matilda, would love this. We rescued her about a year ago and she is extremely anxious. I also follow you on twitter (jasonj42). Thanks

  13. says

    I have a rescued-doxie named Weenie, and a Jack Russell Terrier named Lilly….I’ve been thinking about buying a Thundershirt for Weenie. What a great giveaway (and great blog…I just discovered it!)!

  14. jessica w says

    i have two pups, buster and lulu. both are rescue dogs. buster is a german shepherd mix, but this wonderful shirt would be for my lulu, the mini-doberman-whippet mix

  15. spabettiemom says

    O.M.G…..I needed this so bad yesterday…the workers are pounding all over and I am on mom’s lap just carries me everywhere or I howl and shake…mom even tried rescue remedy..nothing.
    I would be the happiest little guy if I could wear this thundershirt; I think my mom showed this to you once?

  16. DoxieMama says

    We have a very nervous dachshund…so sweet, just like your Basil.
    He would be so glad to get this ….I read on their website how these really calm the dogs. Maybe if I could win this one, I could buy one for our other dachshund….Awsome….

  17. DoxieBrothers says

    Our Jake needs this to calm him .seems to be very nervous lately, if he won this maybe we could get one for our other dachshund later.

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