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Happy Holidays!

To many of you, this is old news – cashews are my favorite snack. I always have a large supply of raw cashews from the bulk bin in my pantry, not only do I snack on them I cook with them a lot. Well, un-cook?

Sahale snacks are my favorite travel snack, it has become routine that I pick up a couple bags before getting on an airplane. Cashews with pomegranate and vanilla? The first flavor I tried, and while it will always be my favorite, I have tried others. The Valdosta pecans with cranberries, black pepper and orange zest is really good, and is a perfect holiday flavor. The next holiday gathering I have will definitely see a bowl of Valdosta pecans.

Three winners will be chosen to receive full size bags of each of my favorite flavors.

Five ways to enter, please leave a comment for each:

1) What is your favorite snack?

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Enter through December 20. Winner emailed December 21.

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updated/edited to add:

three winners:

#135 Lisa

# 32  Lindsay

# 158 Caroline

congrats! please email me your full name and shipping information.



  1. sarah garvey says

    I am currently loving overly ripe frozen bananas. Sooo good. I also love figs, but they’re kind if hard to find here.

  2. Rebecca says

    My favorite snack has to be lots of peanut butter on rice cakes.. and i’m talking about 6 of these on a daily basis.

  3. bitt says

    my favorite snack changes a lot but i’d say lately it’s an apple with cinnamon sprinkled on it.

    are all the choices of these nuts GF and vegan? i know many of the varieties are but not sure they all are. thanks!

  4. Nagore says

    On summer I love anything fresh: fruit+yogurt, cereals with milk, nuts… but now on winter I usually move on to warm foods: toast with PB, coffee+milk…

  5. Wendy says

    My favorite snack is dill pickle sunflower seeds. Not just any brand though, they MUST be Spitz brand…OMG they are so super yummy!

  6. Jordan Riddell says

    My favorite snack is tied somewhere between a crisp apple with almond butter or a Larabar (usually coconut or cherry flavored). I guess it depends if I am on the go or at home.

  7. says

    I recently discovered cashews and pistachios and I’m wondering….why didn’t I try these before? I love them! And so healthy for snacking.

  8. Veronica says

    My favorite snack is apples! When I was little, I used to eat up to six apples a day until my mom found out and realized that was waaaay too much sugar :)

  9. Isabel says

    My favorite snack has to be fruit (of any sort, really…I won’t even pretend to be discriminating) followed closely by cashews.

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