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Isn’t Basil sweet? In this photo, he was watching the side door for Jason to come walking through it.

Basil is a rescue pup, we adopted him a few years ago, when he was 5. He has a few nervous quirks left over from a life not so happy. One is a heart-wrenching separation anxiety.

Much like you swaddle a newborn for that calming sense of security (or like Temple Grandin’s squeezer!), there is a product especially for dogs that helps calm them – Thundershirt! It is a high quality thick knit with a few velcro closures, you wrap tightly around your pup and it hugs them. It is supposed to help with all kinds of anxiety, like dogs who freak out during thunder or fireworks.

It does have a calming effect on Basil.

He chose the one with rugby stripes…

I promise this is not a sponsored post – Thundershirt does not know who I am (or sadly, who Basil is), and I happily paid for this myself. I know I have many readers who have dogs (many of them dachshunds!) and whenever I talk about this, nobody has heard of it.

If you don’t have a dog, just enjoy the photos of a cute dachshund.

Do you have a dog?

Have you seen the (awesome) film about Temple Grandin? 


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