Photography Friday

by Kristina Sloggett

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…or should it be Phonetic Photography Friday?

Is it still alliteration if it’s phonetic?

I don’t know, but I do know this post is for the birds.

I recently realized I like birds, both feathered and friends. and friends.

Okay, this is where the alliteration ends.

I had parakeets in high school – Floyd (who had a pink cage) and Clayton. Jason had a bird he named Derek Smalls on bass.

I also lived with Jericho the parrot in college, and I’ve been bitten by a goose!

My bird fascination is mainly photographical, I think. Capturing them is the challenge I like – they don’t generally sit still long.

These photos so far were all from our recent trip to Seattle – they liked to share our balcony.

The fascination goes back a ways, though.

Remember the birds on the roof, all over our yard and peeking into the skylight? Yikes.

and the sweet seagull at the shore.

And that HUGE bird in our area that I finally got a photo of:

Twice the size of Basil and… in our back yard.

My little Basil loves his sunshine. His second love is chasing birds through the yard. He usually goes for the smaller birds, though.

Do you like birds, or are you like many who have a fear of them? 


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