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by Kristina Sloggett

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Watermelons always make me think of Grandpa Z. We shared a mutual love of watermelon, and I have many memories of enjoying it with him. I have photos of Grandpa Z sitting on the kitchen floor, holding our dachshund Hansel, with a huge watermelon in front of him.

We called his mom “Watermelon Grandma”. We had watermelon eating contests – to see who could “clean” their piece the fastest. We looked for the largest watermelons always, and often used the dachshund as a reference measure.

I love my dehydrator.

I have been wanting to dehydrate watermelon for years. I tried it in the oven once – didn’t work. So even though summer is on it’s way out (brr – SO cold here!!), I did find a watermelon, and I did make my first “fruit leather”.

This tastes amazing – natural watermelon flavor intensified. Chewy and pliable like it should be, it is easy to bite and mmm, too easy to eat the entire tray (uh oh – I’m sensing a theme).

So easy – I sliced a watermelon into uniform strips, about 6 inches long, almost 2 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick:

I also cut some of those strips into bite size squares. Those were my taste testers along the way. One thing this dehydrator will (hopefully?) eventually teach me? Patience. I have none! I keep peeking inside.

These took about 8 hours at 125 degrees.

I love this as much as I knew I would, and Thank You Baby Jesus I have the room in my kitchen for it.

Grandpa Z might not appreciate Talladega Nights or Ricky Bobby (though I suspect he would…), he would love these.

Do you share the love of watermelon? What should I dehydrate next (wrings hands)?


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