tamarind garlic spring rolls and giveaway

This is the first time I have used Indian flavors to fill a Vietnamese style fresh salad roll. It will not be my last – we loved these!

I was recently asked to develop a quick recipe, using one Stonehouse 27 sauce, one Lundberg Heat and Eat Brown Rice Bowl and up to three other ingredients.

The Stonehouse 27 sauce I chose was their Tamarind & Garlic, and the Lundberg rice bowl I paired with it was the Short Grain Brown. I came up with several ideas, so I will be trying some of the other flavors as well – Dates & Tamarind and of course Spicy Cashews & Cream.

I have seen these sauces before, and several of the flavors are appealing. They are a quick alternative to scratch made while bringing all natural, gluten free and vegan flavors to a dish. I have been a long time fan of Lundberg Family Farms, and although I generally prefer making my own, I can definitely see how these rice bowls are convenient. Each bowl (marked as one serving) is a lot of rice, and when mixed with beans, goes a long way!

tamarind & garlic spring rolls

vegan, gluten free, low sodium, no refined sugar

makes 12 rolls

1 jar Stonehouse 27 Tamarind & Garlic sauce
1 bowl Lundberg Heat & Eat Brown Rice
12 round rice paper wrappers

1 cup cooked beans (I used pinto)
kale leaves

Prep ingredients for easy assembly – have a large round plate to roll on. Combine rice bowl with beans. Tear or chop kale leaves into workable pieces, removing tough ribs.

To make spring roll: dip rice paper in warm water forΒ *5 seconds. Place on plate, line kale leaves down middle, leaving one inch on each end and 2-3 inches on each side. Layer 2 tablespoons rice and beans over kale leaves, followed by 2 tablespoons sauce. Fold the one inch ends over and press down, so the rice paper sticks to itself. Turn to one long end and begin rolling tightly, folding over and rolling completely closed.

*After 5 seconds the rice paper will still feel firm – this is normal, don’t soak longer. It continues to soften and is easy to work with if only soaked 5 seconds. Longer soaking may result in holes or tears in the rice paper.

Fresh and flavorful, and definitely a unique spin on a spring roll. The rice bowls are gluten free, vegan and convenient. These sauces are authentic in flavor and exotically spiced, and incredibly tasty.

Want to try them yourself?

I am giving away five sets of the sauce + rice combinations – one jar of Stonehouse 27 sauce and one Lundberg rice bowl to five of my readers.

five ways to enter, five winners! Please leave a comment for each entry:

1) what ingredients would you pair with this sauce and rice?

2) tweet this :

I want to win @spabettie ‘s @stonehouse27 and @lundbergfarms giveaway – five winners! –> http://www.spabettie.com/?p=8567

3) like Stonehouse 27 on facebook

4) like Lundberg on facebook

5) what is your favorite quick and easy meal to prepare?

giveaway closes next Monday, 5 winners notified by email Tuesday.



  1. says

    That looks so good and actually very filling. I need to remember to use rice or another grain with springrolls. I think spaghetti squash, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, & spinach makes a great, easy meal. Almost a one pot wonder πŸ˜‰

  2. says

    Since the lundberg short grain brown rice is my favorite, I’d likely make an indian spiced risotto and add butternut squash, no chik’n stock and onions to the risotto. I’m so glad winter squash season is here!

  3. says

    My favorite quick and easy meal is taco dip:
    TJ’s jalepeno refried black beans, taco seasoned quinoa, spinach, sour supreme, green onions, avocado and salsa. Since the discovery of your noocho cheese, I’m sure that will be an addition as long as I already have it made…and I plan on keeping it around!

  4. Hannah says

    My favorite quick meal is tostadas–tortillas browned in the oven, refried black beans smothered on them, topped with a sauteed spiced veggie mix, salsa fresca, and chopped spinach with a side of yellow rice. Next time I make it, I’m gonna try out your noocho sauce to top it off!

  5. says

    Can I just copy your recipe? Does that count? πŸ˜€ But seriously, these look GOOD. I love spring rolls–simple, healthy and they still look classy! Honestly, sauce + rice + lettuce + 2 more veggies would probably be my go-to meal with these ingredients. Ohh, or ANY of those sauces drizzled over roasted root veggies on a bed of brown rice.

  6. says

    And my favorite quick and easy meal is courtesy of YOU–socca! I love it with any sort of side–nutritional yeast sauce, pea hummus or a “meat”ier dish like chili, it’s great for dipping/scoopin!

  7. says

    Ok, I am SO not creative on the recipe side. My recipe would probably include rice, sauce, probably chow mein noodles, some kind of veg (zucchini maybe?) and tofu for some protein. YUM!

  8. ashley h says

    Well my quick dish would be steamed kale with mushrooms and garlic over jasimine rice with braggs. It is sooo good and quick.

  9. Rebecca says

    There’s too many foods i love! But everyday for breakfast during the week oatbran, banana, cocoa powder, dates & peanut butter are my absolute favorite combination!

  10. Rebecca says

    My favorite recipe to prepare— hard one! I always like a microwaved sweet potato with beans or chili inside of it! :)

  11. Sarah L says

    Those look delicious!

    My five ingredients would be the Cilantro & Coconut sauce, the Eco-Farmed Long Grain Brown Rice, and a combination of eggplant, zucchini, and cauliflower sauteed together.

  12. spabettiemom says

    five ingredient recipe…again a breakfast (or dinner) scrambled eggs,cream cheese, sauted mushrooms, green onions, and spinach….

    • spabettie says

      it’s like Fort Knox around here. πŸ˜‰ I’m going to have to fix something if they’re messing with you!

  13. Judith says

    I don’t know how this sauce tastes. The rice bowls are yummy and I would add some cilantro, lime juice and chopped shrimp.

  14. says

    ohh sounds fabulous! i would do a shaved fennel and carrot salad maybe in lettuce wraps with a little sauce and rice and beans? I have used tamarind paste in cooking before and it has such a spectacular flavor!

  15. says

    Such a whirlwind weekend I feel like I have so much to catch up on!
    As you know, I’m not a fan of pimping out products so I’ll pass on the twittering and all that.
    Instead, I’ll just tell you my favorite quick meal to “prepare” is take out served on my own plates πŸ˜‰

    • spabettie says

      tee hee. I do that with take out. sometimes.

      hope you had an AWESOME weekend – looks like you did – you, J + D always have fun shenanigans going on. one of these days Basil and I will be joining you. πŸ˜‰

  16. nik says

    First things that come to mind are edamame or butter beans, pea pods, water chestnuts, maybe orange slices or papaya. Your recipe looks amazing! Thanks!

  17. clairece says

    Oh, that’s FAVE. sorry, autocorrect!!

    So, girl you are so talented and creative with these. I love the spring roll and would want to make something similar, like a bowl (I have TRIED those rice wraps, VERY hard!!!)

    I hope there’s a contest or something, because I facebook has all the other recipes. They don’t look like any effort was added. Yours should win!!

    • spabettie says

      haa, thank you for your “vote”… πŸ˜‰ but there’s no contest that I know of… except that hopefully these PR firms will continue to pick ME. I am happy to hear that the time effort and care I put into these posts – that you see that.

      and about the rice papers – they really are easy if you ONLY DIP FOR FIVE SECONDS!! do not soak until soft, that’s how they rip (I’m assuming that is your issue?) after five seconds they will still feel firm, but they continue to soften as you work with them… fill them and when ready to roll, they will be soft! πŸ˜€ try it? let me know how it goes? XO

  18. Jenny Loveridge says

    I think the rice and sauce would be great with tofu, asparagus and mushrooms! I’m trying again because I keep getting an error when I try to submit this comment…

  19. says

    Hmm…so many possibilities! Looks like it would be great with tofu or tempeh and whatever vegetables are in season. I’m thinking green peas would be delish.

  20. Jenny Loveridge says

    My favorite quick meal is grilled vegetables on flatbread. I just roughly chop up some portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers and cauliflower and broil on a lightly oiled pan before stuffing into a pita with a handful of spinach.

  21. Lynette Cruz says

    Gardein mandarin orange chicken brown rice and veggies for stir fry(i just dont use the sauce that comes with it!! Stonehouse has some very interesting flavors.Tweeted and liked them on FB !!

  22. Amanda says

    My favorite quick and easy meal is tofu scramble (the kind that doesn’t have too many flavors added to it, just crumbled and pan-fried for a few minutes, with garlic, mushrooms & spinach!)

  23. Bailey says

    these rolls look very good, I have never tried my hand at my own. I will trust you as you say they are easy, LOL!

  24. says

    delightful and comfortable to arrange. You have recipes that is easy to prepare and look delicious. It is beautiful to have such a post that explain everything in details without confusion. Keep up on the good work writing delicious recipes that are easy to follow and organize.

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