vegan sweets on parade

vegan macarons


Spabettie has had many new readers and subscribers over the last few months (hello everyone!). For both the new folks and the Vegan MoFo readers (hello to you, too!), I thought I would share my favorite vegan desserts. Vegan desserts that are also all gluten free.

To those of you who are long time readers, hello to you too! and thank you for being here all this time. I truly mean it when I say I appreciate each and every one of my readers.

Let’s get our sweets on, shall we?

peanut butter Earths


raw apple cobbler


peanut butter chocolate cupcakes


chickpea cookie balls


apricot bars


vanilla coffee fudge bars


New York cheesecake


blackberry cheesecake ice cream

What is your favorite dessert?


      • spabettie says

        I am writing about photography now, hope to finish soon. I have no resources – I honestly took my camera off auto and played with the settings until I figured out what worked. I will share what I know, though! πŸ˜€

    • spabettie says

      thank you, Lindsay! πŸ˜€ I’m working on a post about photography. the most basic thing I start with is just telling people to play with their camera. set up a subject and take many photos, playing with the settings and lighting / angles. any specific questions you have? I’d love to help!

  1. says

    I just sat here by myself and said, Mmmm, out loud approximately 14 times….
    I love desserts. Mostly all of them :)

    Right now, I have to say apple crisp is my fave…

    • spabettie says

      while I don’t always have to have dessert, I definitely do enjoy it! I think I like creating it just as much if not more than eating it! πŸ˜€

      Happy Weekend, Lisa B!

    • spabettie says

      thank you Gina! I hope you try the cobbler sometime – for being simple, it tastes fairly decadent! :) as do the bars… but those aren’t as simple πŸ˜‰

  2. says

    Ohh, I have had those fudge bars bookmarked for way too long, they need to happen!

    And my favorite go-to not-too-decadent dessert is banana oatmeal cookies. Yumm. Nothing better!

  3. says

    Oh my yumminess!!!! All your recipes (and photos) are amazing! My favorite dessert is anything chocolate nad peanut butter. Those peanut butter earths are on my list. They make me smile when I see them! :)

  4. says

    Wow – what a GREAT line-up of desserts! I was just thinking of something similar with the raw apple cobbler, but I couldn’t visualize it. You absolutely nailed it….and it’s SO beautiful! Your photographs are really stunning! (following!)

  5. says

    Even though I’m only repeating what everyone else has already said, I absolutely adore your blog!!! Your recipes are truly amazing and so, so creative! And your photography is simply beautiful! So happy to have found your blog!

    • spabettie says

      thank you SO much, Molly! I adore YOU! your sweet comments make me smile all the time! how is YOUR photography going these days? :)

  6. says

    Normally I go right for the chocolate (and I did droll over those cupcakes), but the raw apple cobbler looks incredible! So creative. Cheers to vegan desserts!

    My favorite is usually vegan oatmeal cookies or brownies. It may or may not be 50% based on the fact that I love batter. :)

    • spabettie says

      the raw apple cobbler is a GOOD one – I urge you to try it! πŸ˜€

      the VERY BEST THING about vegan desserts?? you can eat that batter!! Mmm, batter

  7. says

    i just made a raw cheesecake with apricot/date crust and it was more than delicious! Your new york style cheesecake inspires me now, i will have to take on that. And VEGAN macaroons! wow! i love macaroons but only the original ones from LA DUREE ( i was only available to get them in France and London). All the other recreated versions i have tried where either too sweet, too buttery or both! Vegan ones sound amazing!

    • spabettie says

      I have been having fun with the macarons, most definitely! the cardamom flavored were SO good.

      I made a raw cheesecake this weekend – I sure do love those. sometimes you need a classic though, right? πŸ˜€

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