weekend at the Oregon coast

by Kristina Sloggett


Bad news out first – I didn’t get to audition. Random lottery picks are probably the easiest for the process, but the chances you actually get onstage are incredibly low. Well. As a wise friend said, it’s likely not my last time trying.

It was great fun to watch others audition again, so much energy in that room! To make up for the bummer of not being chosen, this weekend was also a short birthday trip – with an ocean front condo steps to the sand, and a spectacularly (and unseasonably?) warm Oregon coast weekend. The top photo is the view from our room, on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

Patriotic kites were flying,

as well as two massive flags!

God Bless America

and beautiful sunsets.

I found a place with fresh juice, a restaurant to get a fresh salad, a coffee window serving Stumptown, and several things to bring home from the Under Armor and Loft outlets. Happy Birthday to me.

I love the light house on our patio.

Each morning, our normal alarm clock was replaced by squawking seagulls.

I brought crackers just for the occasion.

Birds wondered what a spabettie is.

One bird took a particular liking to me.

um, can you guess which one?

how about now?

Cutie came right up to me.

Happy Birthday to me.


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