Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Giveaway


This morning’s juice:

berry beet breakfast

serves one

1 beet
3 handfuls blackberries
1 apple
3 carrots
1 inch piece ginger

This was a zinger! Sweet and spicy, it woke me up.


The juice fast that Jason and I recently completed? About a week in, we saw the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. Incredibly inspiring and fun to watch, it was reinforcement that what we were doing was a great thing, and motivated us to continue.

I receive daily mail from readers motivated by my juice posts. Motivated to do a fast, to dust off their juicer for some daily juicing, or to buy a juicer to start juicing! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to hear that, and to be able to answer questions people have and share my experiences.

I am so very excited to be partnering with Reboot Your Life to offer one of my readers the “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” Bundle. The bundle includes the documentary on DVD, the book and the Reboot Nutrition Guide.

Some awesome resources for juicing.

several ways to enter, please leave a comment for each:

1) what vegetables are included in your favorite juice?

2) have you ever fasted? what kind was it?

3) follow Joe Cross on twitter

4) like Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on facebook

5) sign up for the newsletter

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Giveaway ends next Thursday and winner emailed Friday.



    • spabettie says

      I LOVE that you say this – there are times that certain combinations in juicing will taste like something to me – broccoli tasted like doughnuts once – and people always look at me funny. I am going to try your “chocolate milk” ! πŸ˜€

  1. says

    4 large carrots
    2 beets
    5 celery sticks
    2 cucumbers
    1 bunch of dandelion greens
    1 bunch of Gai Lan
    4 granny smith apples
    1 lemon
    1 large chunk of ginger
    handful of spinach


  2. Lauren says

    Favorite veggie to blend with, easily spinach! I love green smoothies/juices. So good for the body and the soul πŸ˜‰

  3. says

    I really don’t think I can ever say I’ve fasted, though I am intrigued by all of this, especially in light of reading up on Ayurvedic medicine and how my kapha body type can benefit from a juice fast at least once a week.

    • spabettie says

      Christin, you should try a one day – especially if you’re Ayurvedic type says so – years ago I followed Ayurveda, very interesting stuff.

  4. Ashley says

    I did the lemon aid fast once (lemon, maple & cayenne) and I also tried last fall a raw apple cider fast. I really liked the second one, mostly because cider is amazing. I cut the cider with half water to stay really hydrated and avoid seriously spiking my blood sugar. It worked out really well and I felt great.

    • spabettie says

      aren’t they fun? they’re round on the bottom like a weeble wobble, too. you know during the holidays, liquor stores have box sets of things, including glasses or some other fun gift with a bottle of whatever? these were in one of those one year – I can’t even recall the liquor – probably one of Jason’s single malts. πŸ˜‰

  5. says

    2) have you ever fasted? what kind was it?

    I have done a juice fast several times, usually 3 days. Last time, I did 6 days…and also watch this movie while I was doing it. I love it—and also think Joe and Phil are so likeable, that I have shown it in a nutrition class and as a lunch session (movie and discussion) at a corporate wellness client.
    I love spreading the idea :)

  6. Hilary says

    I followed Joe on twitter and signed up for the news letter. I have wanted to try a juice fast for a few months now, but just don’t have the means to at this point.

  7. Laura says

    Hi, I read your post today on MizFitonline and totally enjoyed it.
    I haven’t ever fasted before. I see there are a lot of goodveggie/fruit juice recipes out there! I’d love to try them!
    Juicing has come up at work. I’m interested in trying it and it’s good to know that you can still run and lift weights while you are fasting/feasting.

    I follow FSND on facebook, too.

    I just signed up for your newsletter.

    I already follow Joe on twitter, I tweeted about your giveaway(which is great by the way!)
    I love the apple cobbler receipe, too. I’ll be trying that this weekend. It’s perfect for fall!!!

    • spabettie says

      hi Laura! so happy you enjoyed my post at Carla’s – and whether you want to fast or just juice fairly regularly, it is so good for you and the recipe possibilities are endless!

      I hope you do make the apple cobbler – it is so good, we have it a lot around here!

  8. says

    My favorite juice includes Peaches , Kale and Pears….

    I am on day 18 on a reboot right now– I have taken 2 little breaks to eat a favorite dish or dine with friends but 2 out of 18 is a miracle for me!

  9. says

    I haven’t tried many juices before (although I am still debating getting a juicer of my own since I’ve seen all your beauties) but I love the combo of carrots, pear, and ginger! So clean and so refreshing!

    Oh and btw, I LOVE those cute little glasses!

  10. Donna C says

    I can’t say that I’ve ever actually put vegetables in my juice before. I think I’ve may have had carrot juice before.

  11. says

    I finished a 30 day juice fast after watching the DVD! I took 3 weeks off, and today I am starting another fast! (probably 15 days, I haven’t decided yet!) I just wanna say – thanks for giving this a spotlight! I think it is so helpful for people!

    (please exclude me from the giveaway entries!)

  12. says

    I sort of fasted… did an all day but dinner fast for about 3 days and then continued to juice regularly but included meals. I liked the all day but dinner fast! Or just all juice + 1 small meal… by the time it’s dinnertime I feel like I’m punishing myself and can’t maintain motivation :/ Maybe the next time I try!

  13. Mari says

    Signed up for the newsletter! And I’m going to watch the documentary tonight.

    The only fast I’ve done is the master cleanse, twice this year. The first time was the most challenging, both mentally and physically, but the second one was a bit easier and I stayed on it for 2 weeks. It’s an amazing feeling, but nothing that I’m going to do again for a long time.
    I’m planning on doing my first juice fast very soon, it will definitely be easier to live on juice!

    I only recently found your blog and really enjoy it. It will be a great resource during the fast!

  14. says

    I’ve done two fasts. I did the master cleanse for 23 days once-then it started getting weird so I stopped. And while I guess it’s not fasting, I have gone through a raw whole foods phase for more than six months at a time. When I say raw, I don’t mean I included fancy dehydrator recipes or store bought things, I juiced, made smoothies from fruits and veggies, ate salads…

    • spabettie says

      started getting weird” – I bet! πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I could do that one – more power to ya! I think the only reason I was able to do a juice fast is because I was FULL and satisfied. I definitely think eating raw is a “fast” or a cleanse – eliminating anything processed and eating food in its most beneficial state, nutrient wise. :)

      • says

        By started getting weird, I mean that I rarely slept, I felt delirious but really energetic, almost light headed. The white tongue was starting to freak me out and I felt like I smelled strange…perhaps it was hunger talking!!

        • spabettie says

          a friend tried a similar cleanse years ago – I recall she had almost hallucinatory side effects? just goes to show, our bodies NEED nutrients! πŸ˜€

    • spabettie says

      this is HILARIOUS!! I saw those come through and thought “didn’t she do this?” πŸ˜‰ I figured you hadn’t done all the entries or something…

  15. MeghanW. says

    I’ve never fasted before. But have thought of going on a week juice cleanse in the past but have not followed through with that thought.

  16. says

    This made for a yummy treat today – I love it and am adding it to my favorites – you should put a juice book together – you have good instincts for food combinations

  17. Joshua McKnight says

    Hi I’m Josh and my answer is for Question #2: I have never fasted BEFORE. However, my brother and I are currently on our 2nd day of our first juice fast. It’s going well. A lot of preparation and clean-up I didn’t “prep” for lol. I feel a burning in my chest and stomach today which I attribute to heartburn so I’ve eaten a couple tums. I generally feel peaceful overall but tired. I was scouring the web and found your site and I love it. As for what “kind” of fast my bro and I are attempting. It’s about a 50% mix of fruits and vegetables. The vegetable juices are just much harder for us to drink and we learned on day 1 that an all-veggie juice just isn’t for us. But I’m trying to mix it up with spinach, kale, beets, cabbage, mango, limes, lemons and the other standards like apples and celery. I’ll be trying your Berry Beet Breakfast and I hope you don’t mind me substituting strawberries for the blackberries seeing as I MUST use them tomorrow or they’ll go back. Cheers!

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      cheers to you, Joshua! how is it going, or how did it go, if you are completed? I hope you enjoyed it! all veggie juice is more difficult to enjoy, we do mostly veggie with some strong fruit (berries, pineapple, BIG flavor fruits!). We have kind of settled into a “general” juice we enjoy – carrots, apple, ginger, kale, sometimes beet or celery. I used to mix it up all the time, trying to get creative – I even made a Pizza Juice once – complete with cashews for a “crust” flavor! :)



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