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by Kristina Sloggett

in product review

Clearly Fresh recently asked if they could send me some produce storage bags for review. perfect timing – I’ve had these bags most of the summer, all through our juice fast, and they are highly effective!

those grapes? Always last all week, if we don’t eat them all too quickly.

peppers stay crisp, lettuces don’t wilt. beets aren’t soft, lemons grow no moss.

okay, really – that is all true, and that is the extent of my rhyme time.

roma tomatoes love these bags, and stay fresh all week.

all those farmers market berries (four berry boxes fit in a bag!) stayed fresh until they were needed.

kale pillows! stay fresh and fluffy.

beets and their greens stay firm and fresh (look how big the right beet is!).

from bananas to bell peppers, carrots to celery, each fruit or veggie’s shelf life was definitely extended by many days if not weeks!

the bags are large with a zip closure, have a breathable square that allows the right amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass, keeping produce fresher longer. it really does work. they are also reusable – I scrub mine out and leave them to dry before using again.

given their effectiveness, the bags are very inexpensive, and probably pay for themselves within the first week or two. I’ll definitely be buying these when the current bags need replacing.

Have you ever used produce bags like these?

What fruit or vegetable goes bad quickly in your house?

disclaimer – while product was provided free of charge, my reviews and opinions are my own.


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