vegan cupcakes, champagne and SWAG

by Kristina Sloggett

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Cupcakes, Champagne and Swag, Oh My!

The Vida Vegan meet and greet at Vendetta was an unofficial event, for locals and those arriving early.

Friday was the early registration and Swag Bag of Wonder pickup, and that evening was the Champagne & Cupcake Reception, hosted by VegNews.

Plenty of champagne and cider, cupcakes in Tuxedo, Cookies & Cream and Lemon Chiffon flavors, crackers and amazing cheeses.

The cheese was from a local to Portland company, Heidi Ho Organics. They make hazelnut based cheeses in tasty flavors like Chipotle Cheddar, Smoked Gouda and Monterey Jack. I loved the flavors, and I’m going to keep them in my radar because they are coming out with more flavors – like brie, bleu cheese crumbles, and a stout cheddar. Brie!

It was a funny phenomenon – I walked up to the tables of food, and nothing was touched! Everyone was standing back a couple feet, taking photos instead of taking food. I laughed – then I took out my camera, thrilled to be among people just like me!

The fabulous event founders kicked off the weekend with a quick hello and welcome.

From left to right: JanessaJess, and Michele:

The rest of the evening was spent mingling, meeting new friends, visiting sponsors tables, talking laughing drinking champagne!

Katie’s big smile made my weekend every time I saw it!

Megan and Christy – Megan’s blog is a great new blog find for me, and I have been wanting to meet Christy since I was her recipe tester last spring! Vida Vegan marked the beginning of her West Coast book tour (good luck and have fun, Christy!).

When I saw JL, I yelled her name across the room! She yelled back and came running over – I was very excited to meet her!

I wish I had more time with her – she instantly felt like an old friend, and she is SO much fun! I am really hoping I get to spend time with her before the next Vida Vegan!

Next up – the swag!

This bag is colossal! It was packed full.

Difficult to get a photo of everything – full size jar of spicy queso (mmm, SO good!), coconut milks, t shirts, Madagascar pink rice, a pepper grinder and pepper, Dandies marshmallows, reusable bags from Vida Vegan, VegNews and Coconut Bliss, Vida Vegan reusable mug, a coconut scraper tool, Vega bars, Larabars, vegan condoms, Hurraw lip balm, Toms toothpaste,

a $5 subscription to VegNews and a cookbook!

I came home with a few other great things – I’ll share next time.

I loved this weekend, I love everyone I met, I love that the conversation is still going online. I want to do it all over again, starting this afternoon! I can’t believe it has been a week since the start…

I want my cupcakes and my vegans back!

Have you ever been to a conference, blog or otherwise? What was your favorite part?


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