blackberry chia crackers & date dip

by Kristina Sloggett

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I know I always say I am honored and flattered to be asked for a guest post. It’s true, though, and one of my favorite aspects of blogging. This time is no different, and special because not only do I admire Leanne in many ways, she told me she likes my approach and mentioned something about ‘natural talents.’

Giddy, I tell you. This is what I blog for!

Another fun part of blogging – of cooking and creating – the fun kitchen tools I find to play with. I used these cookie cutters to cut these crackers. I love them – they are so fun. The kit includes three shapes, multiples of alphabet letters, and some word phrases (happy birthday, congratulations).

I wanted to come up with something that fits Leanne and her food tastes. She likes to use fruit as a natural sweetener, she loves crackers, so this is my creation for her!

The date dip is something I make all the time, and pairs nicely with them.

Please go visit Leanne and her fabulous blog, check out the cracker and dip recipes, stick around and say hello!

What’s your favorite cracker topping?

Happy Friday!


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