envy apples

by Kristina Sloggett

in product review,snacks

my favorite market will slice open a piece of fruit for you to sample if you ask. sometimes they just offer!

I stumbled upon these huge apples called Envy Apples, and after having a most delicious sample slice, I filled a bag and came scampering home.

a hybrid of the Braeburn and the Royal Gala’s best features, the Envy is grown in New Zealand, where it was researched and created, and as close to me as Washington State, my neighbor to the North.

for comparison, I set one next to a normal sized gala.

I chopped one up as soon as I arrived home

ate it

and I am currently full and happy.

they will cost you more, but you get at least double the apple. in my opinion, worth it. these taste great.

what is your favorite apple?

have you ever had an Envy?


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