coming clean

by Kristina Sloggett

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I have something to come clean about. I wasn’t going to talk about it on the blog, because of the anticipated responses I would receive. Then I thought, I am not being fair to all of you – judging you by thinking I know what your reaction will be. The negative reactions ? I can handle it.

Coming clean – Jason and I have been on a juice fast.

Many of you know I juice a lot, two or three times a day, sometimes drinking only juice until dinner or eating raw until dinner. I’ve been doing this for a while, leaving room for indulgence and dining out.

We are currently in our fourth week, and in that time have taken some cheat days eat days – one for a wedding and two when a friend was in town and visiting us. There have also been a couple sushi dinners in there, which Jason likes to point out is still raw. ;) When we began, we said a good way to do this, for us, would include a day to eat. It works for us, and makes it easier to enjoy events and normal life.


health – a cleanse.

discipline – to prove (to myself) that I could!

We initially planned a week. After the first couple days, we both felt fantastic. I even felt good on the first two days – day two was the hardest, I was tired. The next day I woke up early and full of energy, as I have most days since. I feel great, and I juice 4-6 times a day. When I make a juice for myself, I am making enough each time to fill up the juice pitcher on my juicer – I’m definitely getting plenty of calories and nutrients. I hesitate to even call this a fast.

In addition to the benefit of extra energy, detoxing and improved sleep, coming clean has left me headache free, with no allergy or congestion symptoms, and less joint / muscle pain. I have a good understanding of how my body is working, I feel clear, both internally and in my mind.

In addition to nutrient packed juice (still mostly vegetable, generally only one fruit for every 3-4 vegetables), I have been starting the day with lemon water and probiotics, and I have brought back daily dry brushing.

Juice fasting gives your digestive system a break. The body spends little to no energy on digestion, and can expend that in the cleansing and detoxing process. Drinking the juice immediately after juicing gives you the benefits of the enzymes, which break down toxins and debris in the digestion system.

This process was made easier for me because I have not been drinking coffee or alcohol for quite some time, don’t regularly eat sugar or many processed foods. When we have eaten, in most cases I have made very clean choices. The one time I didn’t (at the wedding there was salmon, pre dressed salad, orzo and cake), I felt it. My very best friend got married, I was going to eat cake!

pineapple pepper green juice

1/2 fresh pineapple, skin and core included
1 yellow bell pepper, seeded
2 large bunches kale 

Juice and enjoy!

Want to know more? See Juice Fast – Your Questions Answered.


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