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I am still reeling over the crazy successful auction for Susan earlier this week – in one day a group of bloggers raised over $26,000. Once again I am grateful for this amazing community, and so happy to be a part of it!

If you bid (thank you!) and didn’t win, or if you could not bid on the spabettie salt scrub? I made enough this time to do a giveaway!

I am giving away THREE jars of my latest flavor – passionfruit. Right now this is my favorite scent, very summery and tropical and reminds me of Hawaii.

THREE winners, three ways to enter – leave a comment for each:

#1) if you could choose one spa treatment, which would be your favorite?

#2) do you have a favorite skincare line?

#3) tweet about this giveaway, including a link to this post. use this if you like –>

enter to win SALT SCRUB from @spabettie – THREE winners! –>

closes Wednesday and winners will be emailed Thursday morning!



  1. says

    My favorite skincare line is “Yes to…”. I use the clear skin tomato variety, and just in the past 3 days or so of using the system my skin is loads clearer than it EVER is in the summer- sunscreen does a number to my pores!

  2. says

    I’ve never been to a spa, but I imagine that my favorite thing would be the massage. I am constantly knotted up in my back because of my scoliosis, so I just know that would be my favorite thing ever! :)

  3. says

    Oh my goodness I could go for an awesome foot massage right now! And I just ran out of the sample that you sent me a while ago…seriously you make some great scrubs!!

    • Stefani says


      I am gluten free also (diagnosed w/ Celiac Disease March 23, 2011) and from what I have read thusfar, we don’t have to worry about skincare stuff being gluten free because they say gluten molecules are too big to penetrate through the skin. We do have to worry about anything that would come into contact with your mouths though (obviously).

      As I am new to this, I am not saying this is the god’s honest truth or anything :) just what I have found out so far. Still trying to find my feet with this gluten-free living!

      Good luck :)

  4. Anne says

    I’m all about the facials…the few that I’ve had before included mini massages on my arms and legs while the masks set, so it’s extra relaxing!

  5. Anne says

    I don’t have a favorite skincare line…I’m a poor grad student, so the good stuff is waay out of my budget! But I do tend to go for Burt’s Bees when I really need something.

  6. says

    love massages! at the moment do not have a favorite skin care line just use coconut oil and some other oils to clean the face. I am testing some out to see how my skin does.

  7. says

    ohhh nice giveaway! My hands-down fav spa treatment would have to be facials. I even prefer them over a massage. They are so cleansing and I love how I feel afterwards :)

  8. says

    And I don’t really have a favorite beauty product… Buy I do prefer buying things like toner an shampoo from Whole Foods where they are paraben free!

  9. says

    Is there such thing as a spa treatment that just involves a scalp massage? If so, that one. I would pay someone to rub my head for hours. Or shampoo my hair. Favorite part of any haircut. I feel like I’ve gone off tangent. I’ve never had any real spa services! Just at home stuff.

  10. says

    And I don’t have a favorite skincare line! I’m always trying new stuff, hoping to find a brand I like. I was a fan of Aveeno, and then found out they test on animals–that’s a no-no. On to the next brand…

  11. Lynette Cruz says

    I don’t have a fave spa treatment,any spa treatment is a fave! LOL…I Like sweet almond oil and shea butter,I like yes to carrots moisturizing lotion and yes to tomatoes mositurizer,carols daughter,and shea mositure.I tweeted!!

  12. Stefani says

    I would be torn between a facial and a really good massage. PCOS wreaks havoc on your skin…but on the other hand, Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease and Celiac Disease leaves me aching all over most of the time. Plus, I have a pinched a nerve in my cervical spine so I would probably have to go with the massage in the end. I have never been to the spa so I am not familiar with all the services but probably a really good deeeeeeep tissue massage LOL.

    Don’t have a skincare line yet :( Need to find something good!

    I don’t use twitter..I have an account but NEVER use it, so I am going to facebook it instead 😀 I’m on your facebook so you can see that I do it if ya don’t believe me hehe. REALLY want that salt scrub!

  13. says

    My favorite skin care line currently is Mary Kay. A friend gives it to me for free (bonus) but I found that it works really well! My skin is pretty sensitive and I love the MK because it doesn’t irritate that.

  14. Cindy says

    The spa treatment I could choose would be either a pedicure (I LOVE having my feet rubbed and scrubbed!) or a massage. Both sound amazing right now.

  15. Rebecca says

    I am loving sprout as my facial skincare currently, its made in Brooklyn and made out of only a few ingredient, my skin is really enjoying it.

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