jalapeno peach smoothie

by Kristina Sloggett

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Yep. I sure did. and it was good.

I had some of the freshest, sweetest peaches the other day. So sweet I thought adding some spicy to them would be a good thing. This recipe couldn’t be easier, and you could take it in a couple directions – add protein powder for some staying power, or add some vodka for a refreshing summer cocktail.

I’ll be out in the pool when you finish making the second one, okay?

jalapeno peach smoothie

2 fresh peaches, pitted
2 green apples
2 jalapenos

Juice both apples and one jalapeno. Slice peaches and remaining jalapeno (remove seeds) and add to blender. Pour apple / jalapeno juice into blender and blend.

This was exactly as I imagined and hoped it would be. Sweet, tart, with a slight spicy kick. I can absolutely see a big icy pitcher full of this tasty goodness at our next pool party. A second pitcher for mine the spiked version.


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