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Remember The Birds?

Today we have visitors of a different kind. A family of little bandits.

They are kinda cute.

My first thought was Raccoons in daylight? They’re rabid! 

A quick google search eased my concern, telling me while that could be a reason, it’s not always the case. Many times a new raccoon mama is out searching for food for her babies, and that is what these are, cute little babies! The mama was rumbling around on the ground near the river, while her kits (I’m learning so much from google today!) played in the trees.

Meanwhile, all Basil wanted to do was come outside to play with them. I constantly have visions of him running too far and ending up in the river, so I took him on a walk instead. For all of our Basil Fans out there who have been asking for more of him, here you go! It was chilly this morning, so sweaters were needed.

Little cutie.

Do you ever see critters throughout your day?

If you have a dog, does it have clothes? :D


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