a Thomas Keller garden

by Kristina Sloggett

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I have talked a few times about how much we like Thomas Keller’s restaurants.

One aspect I really love about Keller’s California properties are their gorgeous showcase gardens. Walking through them is an event in itself, seeing where the menu’s food comes from and appreciating Keller’s passion for sustainability.

The French Laundry Garden is the most famous, located across the street from the restaurant. TFL garden is three acres, and supplies Keller’s three restaurants in the area with just-picked produce. Some of the ingredients in our Ad Hoc dinner were in TFL garden that morning.

Much smaller but equally beautiful, the Ad Hoc Garden sits directly behind the restaurant. After our dinner we enjoyed a warm early evening garden walk.

We walked through rows of vegetables.

Beautiful lettuces!

“Bright Lights” swiss chard – Beta Vulgaris.


An abundance of mint.

Grapes on the vine…

Beautiful, fresh and green!

Among the veggies we found things vibrant and bright:

The first roses Jason ever gave me were yellow

Later there were red ones


and purples

all vibrant and bright.

Walking out of the garden, I spotted one of my favorite trees:

Sustainable meets function meets artistic beauty. A visual feast equal to the delectable feast inside…

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