Thai Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps + Pantry Staples Giveaway!

I have been loving Thai influence lately, and my recipes have been evolving around these fragrant flavors.

Sometimes there are simple additions to make flavorful food that comes together quickly.

I added some red curry paste and lemongrass in the water to cook the quinoa, creating great flavor. Using the Thai Sweet Potato Soup I received from Pacific Natural Foods rounded out the recipe.

Thai Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps

makes 8-10 wraps

1 cup red quinoa, rinsed
1 1/2 cups water
2 tablespoons red curry paste
2 stalks lemongrass, sliced thin
1 container Thai Sweet Potato Soup
butter lettuce
1 avocado, sliced

Boil water, add red curry paste and lemongrass. Add quinoa, reduce to simmer, cover and let cook for 30 minutes. Remove lemongrass pieces, add Thai Sweet Potato Soup. Stir to completely combine, let cool.

Wash lettuce leaves, slice avocado. Assemble wraps by placing quinoa mixture down the middle of each lettuce leaf, topping with avocado.


Delicious depths of flavor!


I am excited to offer this giveaway – five people will win a Pantry Staples Kit from Pacific Natural Foods – tailored to your allergy needs and food preferences, including vegan, gluten free, low sodium and more.

Pacific Natural Foods uses wholesome, natural and organic ingredients to create their products. Their products include gluten free, fat free, vegan, kosher, and low sodium options. They take allergens and cross contamination seriously, and have great procedures in place to avoid and reduce it.

One of their many beliefs – If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, there’s not much point in including it.

FIVE winners, many ways to enter – leave a comment for each:

#1) have you tried any Pacific Natural Foods products?

#2 visit their website – which product would you like to try?

#3) what recipe would you like to see me prepare with Pacific Naturals products?

#4) tweet about this giveaway, including a link to this post. use this if you like –>

enter a STOCK YOUR PANTRY giveaway from @spabettie – FIVE winners! –>

#5) on stumbleupon? stumble and like this post.

#6) blog about this giveaway. no blog? post on facebook. no facebook? email a few friends! :D

#7) follow Pacific Natural Foods on twitter

#8) like Pacific Natural Foods on facebook

closes Friday and winners will be emailed Saturday morning!

*Disclaimer –> Pacific Foods sent me products to stock my pantry. My opinions and reviews are my own and I am never compensated for them.


  1. says

    That Thai Sweet Potato soup sounds awesome!!!! I’m totally on a Thai kick after finally going to Pok Pok. :) I would love to try and create some soups with that!

  2. says

    My husband LOVES Thai food, so I am going to have to give this recipe a try for sure. I haven’t used any Pacific Natural Foods before, but I would totally try this recipe if I won. :)

  3. Kristina says

    One of their products that I’d like to try is their Cashew Carrot Ginger soup. I never see it in stores and it just sounds good. :)

  4. Denise @ Do you have that in my size??? says

    I would love to try their Almond Beverage – I’ve never seen that one at the market

  5. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love Pacific chicken broth – I use it regularly. I also tried their tomato soup. But I had no idea they had so many products available !

  6. Susie D. says

    Wow, great giveaway! I have used Pacific Foods cream of chicken soup twice to make hash brown casserole. It worked great! I plan on buying it anytime I need cream soup for a recipe.

  7. says

    I think the roasted red pepper and tomato soup sounds delish!

    I haven’t tried their products before, but I love having something like that in a pinch

    You lettuce wraps look amazing – love the addition of the avocado too

  8. says

    These wraps look great! I am not very familiar with Thai flavors but would love to give them a try.
    I tried a soup from Pacific but honestly, can’t remember what it was! Would love to try more of them, though :)

  9. says

    I’ve never tried their products, but I’d love to try to the Thai Sweet Potato, as well. I LOVE Thai flavors, since they remind me of some friends from Thailand. I don’t know how I lived without Thai food for almost 25 years.

  10. says

    I would love to see you make Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes. My boyfriend just found out he’s allergic to gluten, so I’m really interested in you’re GF reviews!

  11. Klee says

    I haven’t tried any of their products, but my boyfriend just bought one of their soups (some sort of tomato soup) from our local co-op. I’ll have to remember to ask him about it.

  12. Klee says

    Now that I’ve checked out their website, I’d definitely like to try out their broths. I’m trying to use up my jar of Better than Bouillon so I can go back to buying real broth, and I love to try new ones.

  13. Adrienne says

    I would like to know the sodium content of this dish. I do use Pacific low sodium chicken broth in all of my soup recipes.

    • spabettie says

      Hello Adrienne! the sodium content for each lettuce wrap is 170.4 mg – mostly from the red curry paste. The Thai sweet potato soup I used in this recipe is not labeled as low sodium, at 660 mg per serving (which does not translate to servings in my recipe, there are only 2 servings per container).

      Thank you for reading, Kristina

  14. domestic diva says

    The thai sweet potato soup would make a great side dish to go with a coconut curry stir fry.

  15. says

    Delicious lettuce wraps! You know the avocado makes me so happy. I’ve tried their vegetable broth before and loved it – very flavorful but not too salty. I’d love to try more of their products!

  16. Anna says

    I’d love to try the spicy bean soup! and the thai sweet potato soup looks vegan from the ingredients, but they dont list it as such. i wonder why?

  17. says

    I’ve used Pacific Naturals organic vegetable broth in soups, and have fed our bulldog their low sodium chicken broth (at our vet’s advice, to avoid dehydration when the woofer wasn’t feeling well). :)

  18. Ashley says

    I would love to try the sweet potato soup…I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that in my stores!

  19. Ashley says

    I would love for another quick, healthy recipe like the one above. these are my FAVE kind by far.

  20. Ashley says

    I emailed a few relatives and friends who would definitely love this… but would be forced to share if they win.

  21. Laura L. says

    1. I love pacific foods stocks and soups! Having tried a number of them, I think my favorite is their butternut squash soup!

  22. Laura L. says

    2. I want to try Pacific Food’s hazelnut milk – especially the chocolate one! That sounds great for a smoothie recipe.

  23. Nami says

    Your smoothies always look delicious, so I’d like to see a smoothie recipe using one of their rice/almond/soy milks!

  24. Val says

    Awesome giveaway! I have had the almond milk and the small vegetable broth, I love the size (I think I first saw those from you!).

  25. Val says

    I like them on face book. I LOVE how many options you have, and your giveaways are always awesome! Thank you!

  26. Laura L. says

    3. I want to see you use my favorite product, the butternut squash soup in a recipe so I can use it!

  27. tc says

    I’ve tried Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato. I remember liking it. I haven’t bought it in a while though… probably because I keep meaning to try making it from scratch.

  28. Elyce says

    Ooohhh…so many of their products sound delicious! I really want to try the spicy black bean though!

  29. Elyce says

    I would like to see you make a casserole with Pacific Naturals products–but a vegan casserole with eggplant maybe…

  30. says

    I’ve never visited their website before but it’s obvious I should have done it earlier – they have hazelnut milk!!!!!!! =P Oh My Good Lord!! THAT’S what I’d like to try! MUST!

  31. Cee says

    We have tried their products, and are fans of their roasted red pepper soup. My toddler likes it with greek yogurt mixed in and homemade whole wheat croutons (they have sunflower seeds baked in, which adds to the yumminess).

  32. Cee says

    The organic mushroom broth sounds delicious! I am always on the lookout for good broths, so that is what I’d like to try!

  33. Cee says

    I’m not sure what I’d like you to prepare — maybe something with their nut/grain milks, like a vegan chai?

  34. katherine says

    I’d like to see you make a mushroom and butternut squash stuffing using their mushroom broth!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. gena says

    i’d love to try the fire-baked thin crust pepperoni pizza! it looks delicious. i’m so tired of greasy and soggy pepperoni pizzas.

  36. Martha J says

    I’m trying this recipe today!! My son’s GF is vegan, I love to try making things to make her feel welcome in our home. :)

  37. Meredyth H says

    And finally… I’d like to see a recipe using their butternut squash soup in a creative way – maybe with macaroni and cheese? or in some kind of pudding??

  38. Christine says

    2) I’d like to try their vanilla soy milk… and after seeing your recipe, the thai sweet potato soup

  39. Christine says

    3) I love asian inspired dishes… so anything you can come up with would be great to me. I can’t wait to try this recipe.

  40. Stephanie says

    I shared this recipe on FB; it has nothing to do with winning the contest (though I would LOVE to)…it has to do with the fact that I REALLY want these lettuce wraps now.

    I was already following Pacific Foods on FB and twitter is how I found out about this recipe. cannot wait to try it.

  41. Jess says

    I LOVE these products and the company. I know I don’t need to worry when I purchase anything from them. This recipe looks amazing!

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