Mikuni Sushi

by Kristina Sloggett

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One of the sushi restaurants we went to on our California road trip was in the bay – Mikuni Sushi. Recommended by a friend we often dine out with at home, I figured we could trust it to be good.

It is so good!

We started with cocktails, goose and soda two limes.

We ordered nigiri appetizers. They don’t slice it until you order it – I like that.

Saba (mackerel), sake (salmon) and hamachi (yellow tail).

Saba is one of my favorites, and this was some of the best I’ve had in a while – so flavorful. The sake was buttery and delicious, and hamachi (Jason’s favorite) was also very fresh. We had two of these plates.

While I would be completely fine eating plate after plate of just these three, we followed some specific recommendations for specialty rolls.

Benjamin – tempura shrimp and crab salad topped with jalapenos and unagi sauce, masago and onion. This one was HOT. Should have been called incredible! :)

Incredible – spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, white tuna, avocado, orange and scallop sauces, masago and onion.

We also chose the Judy roll, a simple and fresh spicy tuna and crab salad:

We ended with another appetizer, the Puff Daddy. Tempura shrimp stuffed with crab, topped with Mikuni special sauce. Delicious.

We loved everything we ordered – the fish is extremely fresh, the rolls inventive and tasty. The service was fun and friendly, and the sushi chefs were skilled and quick. I am already thinking I need to join Jason on another business trip in the near future so we can enjoy Mikuni again!

We liked it so much, we went a second time in the few days we were there.

We mixed it up for our second visit, beginning with the cocktails. We had the Mikuni Cosmopolitan – vodka, plum wine and cranberry juice.

We started with the Judy this time. So good.

We also had another Puff Daddy.

Saba and sake. Even better than the first time, if possible!

I ate them sashimi style this time

The roll we chose the second trip was the Japanese Mafia – scallop, crab, shrimp and avocado topped with fresh salmon, two sauces, masago and onion.

One of my favorite rolls, I’d definitely order this one again. I’d order any of them again!

Jason loved this photo in the corner where we sat. I had to share.

Are you a sushi fan? What is your favorite?

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