What I Ate Wednesday

by Kristina Sloggett

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I’m back again for another installment of What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast started with a chocolate banana smoothie, made with hazelnut milk and Amazing Grass. Hit the spot! I had an apple with my smoothie…

Second breakfast / early lunch / brunch? I made a tofu spinach scramble, side of ketchup!

These are always so good, but I should have eggs because I wanted eggs later. Snack was my edamame egg salad into seaweed rolls.

I love my seaweed “papers”. I wrap and eat, so the seaweed stays crunchy. Edamame egg salad, how I’ve missed you!

I also had a snack of mashed red pepper sweet potatoes.

…and then had to make more potatoes for the recipe they were meant for. Oops!

We had sandwiches for dinner – mine was avocado, cheese, tomato, cucumber and sprouts. Then Jason and I split the last earth for dessert:

Those earths will be missed too… tell me – what chocolate peanut butter cup should I make next? :D

What are you eating today?

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