cocktail hour!

by Kristina Sloggett

in daily juice

For the month of April, I have been cocktail free. This began as a twitter conversation between Allison,¬†Brittany and Janetha and I, (whose crazed idea was this, anyway!?) and turned into something we all agreed to do. We’ve been checking in and supporting each other, with plenty of laughs in between. ;)

However. There are days you would just really like a cocktail or glass of wine, you know? So at the end of a long and or stressful day, I’ve been kicking back and enjoying. I’ve traded my shaker and my corkscrew for my juicer and my crisper drawer.

healthy happy hour libation

serves two

2 orange bell peppers
6 carrots
2 pears
1 grapefruit, peeled
1 beet


Have you ever taken a break from imbibing?

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