What I Ate Wednesday

by Kristina Sloggett

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Yesterday wasn’t the best day, and I spent it unfocused and BLAH… I’m only realizing now that it resulted in random eats.

I began with a daily smoothie – chocolate protein, hazelnut milk, peanut butter flour (yep, I’m hoarding it), banana, maca and ice cubes. YUM. Stuck with me all morning, and I had an invigorating run! Knowing my reasoning, I will drink smoothies exactly like this one every day forever! :D

Lunch was a protein rich salad with quinoa.

I’m making a new raw bar, and I snacked on plenty during creation:

I also ate another banana in the afternoon. It was huge, and I took a reference photo:

Did you detect the skeptical look?

Along with the giganti – nana, I topped a muffin with almond butter (more recipe development), and an Adora calcium disk.

Jason called when I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner… he knew I was down, and offered to bring home whatever I wanted. The crust was gluten free.

What are you eating today? Have a great one!

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