Lucky Basil

by Kristina Sloggett

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I have been lucky to win some blog giveaways from time to time, and I love to host them! Like mama like Dog Son, Basil recently won a blog giveaway of his own!

One of my favorite Dachshund Blogs, LOL Doxie, had a giveaway for a Huck durable dog toy.

Basil is notorious for chewing the bejeesus out of a new toy within five minutes, and these are guaranteed against dog damage. Well, sweet Basil won!! So far, so good… he’s been playing with it for a week or so, it is still intact.

Thank you Chris and Long Dog Kenny!

Some of you may know Basil is a rescue pup. He came to us with some quirks, one of them is that he doesn’t like slick floors like hardwoods or tile. He doesn’t like to go around corners on these type of floors (around our kitchen island or out the bathroom door), and will stand frozen in place on a hardwood floor.

Another thing I can thank LOL Doxie for is the discovery of Power Paws, non skid socks for dogs.

WARNING… extremely cute pup photo ahead…

When I heard of these I ordered them immediately – hoping they would help Basil feel more comfortable. I think he needs more time to get used to them – right now he is picking up his feet really high when walking, especially his back feet, so it’s an added distraction.

I was able to snap these photos by saying the t-r-e-a-t word…

I’m hoping he will get used to them, because I want him to feel comfortable in his own home (right now he backs out of the kitchen slowly, and sometimes will not come through the bathroom).

He sure is cute, though.

Do you have a pet?

Do they have funny quirks?

Would they wear socks?

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