sunny mandarin frostie

Today’s Second Breakfast falls under both daily smoothie and daily juice.

It is a potent one, containing maca (I’ve been sharing recipes with it but not sharing what it actually is – bad blogger). Maca is an earthy flavored superfood powder, originating from a root vegetable. Some suggested benefits of maca? Energy! Maca contains all of the essential aminos, B vitamins (there’s that energy!) including B12, minerals and enzymes. *

It is said to regulate hormones, boost mood, and balance glands. *

It amps up my smoothies and makes them taste good

Sunny Mandarin Frostie

serves one

3 Mandarin oranges, peeled and juiced
1 1/2 cups coconut water
1 scoop vanilla protein
1 scoop Mandarin Orange SPARK
1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon maca powder

Peel and juice oranges. Add juice to blender with remaining ingredients. Blend until smooth.

This was amazing… and another summery taste in the middle of winter.

Today’s smoothie also  gives a nod to Shake’s Pizza in Columbia:

Who has a Shakespeare’s cup? I know you’re out there…

*sources: David Free, LMT; Center for Natural Medicine



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    Mmmm I love your morning creamsicle!!! I must get back on my frothy morning bevies. lately I have been having a whack of greens mixed with a banana, chia seeds and some rice milk. No protein powder even! Lazy Kris…

    This Moolala sounds freaking rad!!


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    I subscribe to LivingSocial and Groupon. I’ve purchased some great yoga and restaurant deals. Haven’t heard of Mobba, but going to check it out now!

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    Hey there! I just found your blog… decided to pop on over because I’ve seen you comment on some of the other blogs I read.

    I love using groupon and livingsocial… so I’m really excited to hear about this new one!!

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    maca powder
    is able to contribute to overall well-being and provide the body with over 20 different fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12 and B1 & B2, vitamin C as well as many other vitamins and minerals.

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