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First of all, will you look at that bird?? I took this photo in our yard the other day – from our back deck.

You may not be able to tell, but that bird is bigger than Basil.

Look at how he’s looking at me…

I am becoming more and more interested in photography, and I want to actually learn what I am doing! Jason gave me photography classes for the holidays that I cannot wait to begin!

To start the new year, I am doing a 365 Project. I am taking a photo a day, and I have started a page on spabettie to document and for you to follow along. :D

In college I played tennis every day at Mountain Park Racquet Club.
I went to the same spot on the deck that overlooked a big hill, and took the same photo at the same time each day. I did this just about every day, and I had several years worth of photos that spanned the seasons and changes. Stunning sunsets, bright snow, colorful leaves, beautiful green.

I am very excited about this project.

I will be designing a new page, along with some other changes that are coming to spabettie. Until then, the page is here, with the first five photos!

Have you ever participated in a project like this – photography or otherwise?

Have you ever seen a bird that big?

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